Reality TV Recap: Celebrity Duets, the top 6

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All Carly needed was a younger duet partner apparently. Meanwhile everyone else gets scary.

What a turnaround. Carly improved a ton, while everyone else was sucked into some abyss of suckiness. Did she sell her soul to the devil? Or perhaps all she needed was a little promise of potential sex to get her motivated. I guess I'm glad America has no ears and booted Lea instead of Carly. I'm sure Lea didn't have much room for improvement in her.

1. Lucy Lawless sang "Say A Little Prayer" with Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick is actually pretty scary. Her face doesn't move at all. She's like a wax figure holding a mic. Lucy seemed completely fuh-reaked out. You could barely hear her throughout. She is charmingly geeky though, which helps her be relatable given her Goddess-like appearance. This wasn't her best performance by any stretch, but I'm sure she's safe.

2. Alfonso Ribiero sang "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" with Deniece Williams.

Ah yes, musical "icon" or "legend" Deniece Wiliams. This was awkward mostly. Alfonso started off pitchy, but once Deniece showed up he got into the duet aspect of it nicely. Still, I think they were both over-acting the story of the song just a tiny bit, don't you?

PS-I'm glad David Foster said what he did about not 'fessing up when one is sick. It's always a bad move. It makes the audience listen for problems, and inevitably hear ones they never would have heard otherwise.

3. Carly Patterson sang "some song I don't know the name of" with some kid I've never heard of, but who grabs his crotch a lot, Jesse McCartney

I am apparently old, old, old. Who is this guy? And how on earth does he qualify as either a musical legend or icon? He hasn't even earned his on-hit-wonder status yet, has he? But I will say this. Carly got herself inspired. She was energized and singing on pitch and with power. Sure, I agree she could have been even more relaxed. But for once she looked like she was having fun, not having a root canal.

4. Hal Sparks sang "Come Sail Away" with Dennis DeYoung.

And I didn't think of Cartman even once! Dennis DeYoung kind of blew me away. There he was, definitely an old guy, but with the exact same high, clear, powerful voice. He rocked! Hal, on the other hand, continued his pattern of yelling really really loud, but I will say this: he yells on key. And this number was pretty fun!

5. Cheech Marin sang "Ain't No Sunshine" with Aaron Neville.

I heard the song and was so hoping for Bill Withers (he's still alive, right?) Instead we got Horatio Sanz. No, I'm sorry, Aaron Neville. Who was scary and seemed really disconnected. This is one case where the musical icon was the one who seemed tense and confused. And that weird in-an-out voice of Aaron's didn't help anyone. Cheech actually did OK comparatively!

6. Jai Rodriguez sang "Tell It To My Heart" with Taylor Dayne.

Taylor kinda scared me. Like she was trying really hard to look exactly the same as she did 15 years ago. Honey, none of us do. Jai seemed quite distracted by trying to relate to her and be chivalrous, in a way, to her. So both he and Cheech seemed to be brought down by their musical icon, rather than buoyed by them.

Bottom line: My bottom 3 would be Cheech, Hal and Lucy, based only on last night's performances. And yes, I think Cheech may have outlived his usefulness.

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