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It's common knowledge that "networking" is one of the top reasons that people attend conferences. Even in this 24/7, Always-On virtual world, face-to-face connections still matter, still make a difference.

6 weeks post-BlogHer we continue to get emails telling us about some of the connections that were made, and what those connections led to.

Today, Cooper Munroe (who moved me to tears during the Day Two Opening Session when she discussed her Hurricane Katrina relief efforts) wrote to share one such post-BlogHer connection:

I have an update for you on something really cool that came out of BlogHer.

I went to see the film, The Motherhood Manifesto on the last night of the conference, and through the film I learned that in Pennsylvania, where I live, it is legal to ask someone in a job interview if they are married or have children. Yep, dark ages. As you can guess, this hurts mostly moms and single moms.

I got fired up about it. Since BlogHer I have been working with Joan Blades and others at, as well as women in Pennsylvania to help get legislation passed (it has been stalled in the state house and senate -- for 6 years!) that would make this practice illegal.

Cooper has an article in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, explaining the problem. Check it out. And if it boggles your mind (and pisses you off) here's where you can do more.

Other cool things to come out of BlogHer?

BlogHer member Jody DeVere, from, met the SixApart folks and is now part of their Business Blogging Seminar for the automotive industry in Detroit.

Jaime Mintun from BlogTalkRadio came to BlogHer and found a slew of talented women for her Women Who Rock the Blogosphere series.

The women (Melanie Swan, Laura Scott, mir verburg and Nancy White) who led the Get Deeply Geeky session are indeed setting up the Deeply Geeky listserv discussed in the session. It should be unveiled any day now and become a great networking and mentorship tool.

And of course the many, many stories about making connections with like-minded individuals, whether you connected over the personal, the political and/or the professional.

What connections did you make?


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