Feathers Flights

I am Heather Feather, my nickname since childhood, and I love sewing. I blog about my creative sewing "flights." I studied clothing construction in college while working at an alteration and tailor shop. I'm able to combine the two different ways of thinking in my sewing, and I share it with my readers. 

Striped Floral Surplus Staple Dress

I made another staple dress. I have a problem. At least I admit it, right? ...more

Sewing Area and Playroom

In our new place we have expanded our square footage almost three times, but we don't have a an extra room with a door on it. Instead we have a bonus room between the kitchen and front room, and it has become the sewing area and playroom. I used a built in desk in our last apartment, so when we moved I got to pick something new ....more

Fur Collar Plaid Vest and Giveaway

I'm getting excited for Autumn. I have loved summer, but I walk with the kids everyday. It's just too hot to be walking around while pushing too kids ....more

Pom Pom Diaper Cover

Claire fits in the adorable pom pom diaper cover now. She's not quite crawling, but I couldn't wait to share the adorableness of the pom poms. These pom poms are great because it doesn't bother her when she sits down or moves around ....more

Floral and Striped Linen Shirts

This shirt has a crazy back story. I purchased this striped linen fabric before I moved to SLC. So I bought this fabric more than three years ago ....more

Cardigan Onesie Babies All Grown Up

Remember my cardigan onesie tutorial I posted two years ago? The first of all the cardigan onesies and made them so popular! Well, the two cardigan onesie babies are back, but they are all grown up!...more

Faux Suede Necessary Clutch

I have been in search for the perfect wallet or clutch. Since I take my diaper bag with me almost every time I leave the house, I enjoy taking no bag out when I'm not with the kids. But that means I often...more

Stamped Onesie and Aztec Leggings

When I stamped some fabric a couple of weeks ago, I stamped a fun little onesie for Claire. I did a big and little heart on the front and a broken heart on the back. This little girl has some sass and might be a little heartbreaker one day ....more

Quilted Jacket, Fabric Stamped Shirt, and Triangle Pants

Even though I have a little girl and am learning about sewing for girls, I think sewing for boys will always be my first love. It'll always have a special place in my heart. Especially since when I first started sewing for boys, there was hardly any sewing projects or sewing tutorials for boys ....more

Floral and Striped Baby Outfit for Back to School

I decided to participate in the Willow and Co Back to School contest. Mostly because I was inspired, and I was excited to join in! I remixed both the mulberry tunic and the clover shorts...more