Apple Pie Cheese Bites & How To Stop Fighting With Life

Cinnamon sugar pita chips are topped with melty Jarlsberg cheese and smothered with apple pie jam. The perfect last minute appetizer, snack or dessert to keep on hand or take to a party! Sometimes life happens ....more

Easy Thai Yellow Curry Recipe

CURRRRAAAYYY! Seriously guys that is what I did when our good friend who was raised in Indonesia started cooking us curry a few weeks ago when we spontaneously stopped by her house. I could seriously live off of curry ....more

Pesto Lime Salmon with White Wine Risotto {Guest Post}

We are so excited to welcome our sweet friend Allison to our blog today! Please share some love with her and be sure to visit her blog and give her social media accounts a “like”! Well hello there! ...more

Balsamic BBQ Pulled Pork

Pulled pork simmered all day in sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, piled on a butter crisped bun with...more

BlogHer Food 14 Recap

Last wednesday night I kissed my babies and my man goodbye and hopped onto a red eye flight cross country to be part of the biggest food blogging conference of the year….Blogher Food 14! I borrowed possibly the cutest dresses ever from my overly generous girlfriends, sister in laws and of course my mommas. I’m beyond shocked and so grateful that I was able to attend ....more

Watermelon Lime Cocktail

Have I mentioned my newfound love of cocktails? No? Well this is me expressing my new adoration for these little beauties ....more

Carrot Bread

Carrot cake is in my opinion the perfect cake. It’s moist and dense and not so sweet when done right. It’s kind of like perfect zucchini bread but with all the sweet flavor of carrots and little pops of pineapple....more

Blueberry Basil Rum Sorbet

About a year we made a trek up to a little ice cream shop in Atlanta and discovered the most delightful blueberry basil sorbet. It was such an unusual combination that we couldn’t help but give it a try. The ice cream at Jake’s is amazing but I have to say that this sorbet put all the ice cream to shame ....more

How to Make Kefir

Friends. We really haven’t ever talked about my obsessive love of Kefir? This is craziness, how have we made it over 2 years on this blog and not talked about this? ...more

Pecan Crusted Chicken

A few weeks ago I received a copy of Southern Living’s Comfort Food Made Easy and spotted this recipe for Pecan Crusted Chicken. I knew I had to make it for dinner and finally got it on the table this week. It was a huge hit and will definitely be on our meal rotation because it is so easy! ...more