To Love, Honor and Vacuum

I'm a Christian author, marriage blogger, and national speaker, teaching on marriage, intimacy, and even *sex*! I'm real--no pretensions, just real solutions for real life. The author of seven books and a syndicated parenting columnist, I love teaching women not to take themselves so seriously, but to take God way more seriously. And I love showing women that living in His love will always mean having more love in the rest of our lives. I'm the mom of two teenage girls, the wife of an amazing hubby, and the chief teacher at our homeschool. And I knit. All the time. Even in line at the grocery store.

Tomorrow My Baby Gets Married

I’m about to make 4 dozen banana chocolate chip muffins, pick up dry cleaning, and make sure I have Kleenex packed. My house is bustling with so many overnight guests, I don’t know if I have enough hairspray, and I’m still praying I fit into my dress. Because tomorrow my youngest daughter is getting married ....more

Can I Ask an Honest Question about Billy Graham and His Kids?

Billy Graham died yesterday, and I believe that He is rejoicing right now. I read a quote on Twitter from him that said: “Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it ....more

Why I Blog for All the Real Life Marriage Misfits Who Aren’t Pigeonholed

I like to be a very down-to-earth Christian marriage blogger. This week I’m taking a bit of a step back, since my daughter is getting married on Saturday! I’m going to be posting some round-ups of some of the best marriage advice I’ve published ....more

The Best Ideas for Quick Things To Improve a Marriage

Sometimes small things can make the biggest changes in improving a marriage! This week I’m gearing up for my daughter Katie’s wedding on Saturday, and so I’m posting some round-ups to some of my favourite posts addressing marriage. I’ve got 2500 posts on this blog; chances are you haven’t read them all! ...more

The Best Advice for Choosing a Good Husband

How do you choose a good husband? How do you know that the guy you’re marrying is a good guy? This is a super exciting week in my family, because my daughter Katie is getting married on Saturday! ...more

With Sex, Practice Makes Perfect!

For many women, sex just isn’t that great at the beginning of the marriage. This week we’ve been looking at specific ways to make sex better, and today, to wrap it all up, I thought it was time for a bit of a pep talk. Here’s one of the problems we women have starting marriage: we have nothing to compare sex to except for movies and our husbands ....more

5 Things To Do if Your Husband Has Bad Breath

What do you do if your husband has bad breath? Like seriously bad breath? I’m one of those people who breathes through my mouth, so I often have a really bad taste there ....more

How Do I Find Safe Information for Sex Tips?

So here’s the situation: You want to find some great sex tips to make sex awesome, but you’re scared to Google it because, well… Yeah. That’s dangerous. So, as a married person who just wants a good sex life, what do you do? ...more

Top 10 Ways Husbands Can Improve Their Sex Lives

Just in time for Valentine’s Day–here’s a post on 10 ways MEN can improve their sex lives. Last year I wrote a post on 10 ways women can make sex amazing for their husbands–and this Valentine’s Day I thought I’d do the opposite. And one of my awesome male readers offered to write it! ...more

The Most Amazing App to Rev Up Your Sex Life!

This post is sponsored by The Ultimate Intimacy App, but all opinions are my own. Over the years I’ve thought about creating an app to help couples with their sex lives, because so many websites or other products are kind of, well, gross. But now I don’t have to, because The Ultimate Intimacy App is totally the product I would have created–if I had made one ....more