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Angie is a mother to three very fun kids, ages 12 – 18, as well as the founder, main writer, and managing editor of Real Life at Home.  She also writes eBooks about topics relating to homeschooling, parenting, and Catholic sacraments for kids.  Angie has been blogging for over ten years, and also has a podcast for Real Life at Home.  She, her husband, and their children live in North-Central Indiana.

Mysteries of the Rosary Draw and Write Printables Packet

Back when I was making the Saint Mary and the Rosary Printables Packet, I also made a companion 21-page Mysteries of the Rosary Draw and Write Printables Packet that would make a great long-term project, such as over the course of a school year. Even though I thought the...more

10 Things Every New Homeschooler Needs to Know

10 Things Every New Homeschooler Needs to Know is from contributing writer Jen @ Forever, For Always, No Matter What Here are 10 things that every new homeschooler needs to know –...more

20 Festive Desserts for the 4th of July

I love the fourth of July. I love the festive nature of it and taking the time to celebrate the founding of our nation. (Confession time: I cried when we went to...more

Patriotic Printables Packet: Printables Perfect for 4th of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and More

Summer time offers up so many patriotic holidays, such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day. Of course, as I’m concerned, there’s no time of year that isn’t perfect for a patriotic spirit! That’s why I am sharing a free Patriotic Printables Packet ....more

How to Choose a Homeschool Name, Colors, and Mascot (and Why You Should)

Do you have to have a school name, colors, and mascot for your homeschool? Typically, no....more

Tips for a Family Fun Night in the Backyard

It feels like summer has officially started at our house, since school is out and that means that we’re starting up a new type of rhythm to our days. It’s one that we all love. It usually means that we have a little more free time and a lot more time to spend together ....more

Delicious Bread and Butter Pickles Recipe (Quick and Easy)

I’m a dill pickle girl. I have been since I was a little girl. Many years ago, when we were eating dinner at my parents’ house, my Mom offered us some homemade bread and butter pickles ....more

20 Cute and Easy Recycled Can Crafts for Kids

It’s great to recycle your aluminum cans, of course. But, another cool thing you can do is make some of these easy recycled can crafts for kids! I found a variety of projects, and I’m sharing a little bit about each one of them ....more

How to Make A Self-Watering Planter for under $10

How to Make A Self-Watering Planter for under $10 is a post by Jennifer of...more

15 Cool and Refreshing Homemade Ice Pop Recipes

At our house, we currently have a very prominent count down on our centrally located dry erase board. It’s been there for several weeks, and I’m just as excited to see it ticking down as the kids are. Yep – we’re all excited to greet the last day of school (and we’re nearing single digits)! ...more