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Kelly Dixon is the author at Smart School House, a place for crafts, sweets, and kids activities. Kelly's work has been published in All You magazine as well as on Disney and other top niche websites. Her goal is to visually inspire readers through beautifully simple, step-by-step, pictured instructions. 

Fairy Bread Bagel Cakes

Fairy Bread Bagel Cakes Do you guys remember when we made Fairy Bread awhile back? It was such a huge hit! You guys loved it, my kids loved it, and it was so incredibly easy and fun to make ....more

Tips for Modern Moms

Being a mom is hard! It’s stressful! And sometimes it’s downright challenging day in and day out ....more


MOLDIV’S INSTAGRAM PHOTO CONTEST #ILOVEMOLDIV This is an extra special giveaway photo contest for those of you who follow me on Instagram (which I love you so much for). If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ll give you an extra shot to do it now so that you can join us for this contest […] The post MOLDIV’S INSTAGRAM PHOTO CONTEST #ILOVEMOLDIV appeared first on Smart School House ....more

Marshmallow Stuffed Cookies

Marshmallow Stuffed Cookies Say it with me, “CHOCOLATE!” Do you ever have an extreme craving for something sugary and chocolatey? It happens to me regularly all the time. Insert: Marshmallow Stuffed Cookies (the chocolate kind to be exact) The kids and I were in the mood to bake one day so we decided to put […] The post Marshmallow Stuffed Cookies appeared first on Smart School House ....more

Apple Cider and Shortbread Cookies

Spiced Caramel Apple Cider & Classic Shortbread Cookies Written and photographed by Jamie of...more

Whimsy Wednesday Oct 14

Whimsy Wednesday Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday, a link party for bloggers! My VERY favorite post from last week is by Bitz & Giggles (you’ll just love her blog!). Check out her recipe for Snicker Caramel Apple Dip! ...more

Home Makeover Tips

With the outdoor weather cooling down, we’re all getting ready to spend more time inside our homes. NOW is the perfect time to pick areas of your home that you’d like to makeover. Whether it’s your kitchen that needs a makeover, your bedroom, your bathroom, or...more

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Written and photographed by Amy of...more

Whimsy Wednesday Oct. 8

Whimsy Wednesday Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday, a link party for bloggers! We happen to be relocating soon, so moving into a new house means that I’ve been looking for beautiful DIY decorating ideas. This Modern Farmhouse Kitchen by Fynes Designs caught my eye!! ...more

Making Learning Fun

Making Learning Fun Written by Sarah Titus of I love to learn. I could sit all day and cuddle up with a cozy blanket and just read for hours. Unfortunately, children do not often have that same attention span ....more