Choose a Diet Based On Your Food Preferences

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Salad must be the ultimate diet food, but is every salad good for every dieter? Definitely not. Nic at Bakingsheet had a great post about an Artichoke Caesar Salad that caused me to reflect on how our food preferences may well determine which kind of diet will be best for those of us wanting to lose a few pounds. Nic's recipe, featuring lettuce, red onion, canned artichoke hearts, croutons and a light Caesar dressing seemed as if it would fit well for someone following Weight Watchers, which emphasizes limiting fat. For someone like me, following the South Beach Diet I would eliminate the croutons and replace the light dressing (which probably contains sugar) with a full fat dressing which contains olive oil, soybean oil, or canola oil. Thinking about your own food preferences maybe one of the most important decisions in deciding on a diet plan.