Printable Road Trip Activity and Sticker Book!

We are gearing up for a huge family road trip as we transition to our next home. Henry is great in the car, but there’s no way he’s going to last 14 days (eek!) without a good bit of entertainment and a variety of options. Even though Henry’s first choice of activity is certainly the technological kind, he has an amazing ability to cut himself off after awhile ....more

Modern Home Office and Craft Space Reveal

It’s time for another “final” room reveal as we wrap up our time here in Kansas. You can catch up on the Laundry Room, Deck, Henry’s Bedroom, and Playroom...more

A 10-Minute Sofa Table (Using IKEA Parts!)

In the flurry of moving into a new home, there are often lots of things that are decided, done, and made in a relatively quick fashion…mostly for the sake of getting a room usable as soon as possible. Despite our best efforts to take it slow and make smart and budget-wise design decisions, there are times when...more

THIHM Around the Web #18

How on earth is it June already?!?! Before I dive into more room...more

Cricut Explore for Home Decor | Part 1: The Essentials

As most of you long-time readers know, one of my favorite and most-used tools in my craft room is my Cricut Explore. Along with...more

Our Fun and Functional Playroom Reveal!

It’s time for another “final” room reveal in our most current home! After so many fits and spurts in this space, it’s amusing to me that our downstairs playroom is...more

To Paint or Not to Paint? 10 Questions to Consider Before Painting Your Rental

It’s certainly no secret around here that I 100% believe in the power of paint to transform a space…especially a rental! Rentals are often bland, boring, lacking in architectural details AND are usually identical to others in the same building or on the same street. Paint is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to make...more

How to Make a Coloring Caddie from an Old Toolbox

As we get ready to take this house apart in preparation for our upcoming move, I’ve been running around taking pictures of all the “finished” spaces. And as I’ve been snapping every last detail for the final room reveal posts, I’ve come across a few projects that were supposed to be shared here on the blog but somehow slipped through the cracks! Today’s project is one of those…and since it’s been working SOO well for us this year, I wanted to make sure I shared the idea so you can try it too!...more

Storage Solutions for a Skinny Linen Closet

Not that anyone is keeping track…but I think it’s been almost 2 months since...more