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My name is Judee and I have a blog called Gluten Free A-Z at  I am a vegetarian / vegan  health enthusiast who promotes fresh real food, healthy living, and recipes that taste great"  My posts have high appeal to all kinds of eaters ( tested on all my friends and family) but are vegetarian, gluten free, and healthy . I am looking to connect with other bloggers who are either vegetarian , real fo...more


MOMMY MEDITATIONS BRINGS NEW SOLACE TO WOMEN WITH POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION Over 80% Of New Moms Experience Postpartum Symptoms      Los Angeles, Ca (June 15, 2010) – New moms experience a variety of feelings when their baby arrives, including love, joy and happiness. But when those wonderful feelings turn to depression, agitation and anger, the job of being mommy can feel overwhelming and even unwelcome....more

You're Not Alone

There's no more shame in having depression (or postpartum depression) than having pneumonia. It's usually biological in nature and it can strike at anytime. One thing you can do on your own, or in addition to a Dr. recommended course of action, is meditation. Mommy Meditations is an audio product for new mothers that teaches them how to meditate....more

10 Reasons Why All Moms Should Meditate and Mommy Meditations Review

From: ...more

OM A Day Campaign Video Tips on Eye Yoga, Mouth Yoga, Keyboard Yoga, Mudras, and Facial Massage

Check out the videos below that I made for the OM A Day Campaign sponsored by kg yoga life practices during National Yoga Month. Let me know if they help.  If you have more tips, please share them. eye yoga - mouth yoga - keyboard yoga - ...more

Listen to free yoga podcast classes and watch yoga class videos by yoga teacher Faith Hunter

My yoga teacher Faith Hunter offers her community classes via podcast and videos: Click here to see the sun salutation class: You can take it on your own in the comfort of your own home. ...more

Take yoga online with YouTube videos

a. yoga breathing - and   ...more

Take a short online yoga class via on 9.19@ 11am EST

Kind and Gentle Yoga and Meditation for Computer Users - The session will focus on eye yoga, mouth yoga, keyboard yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. Click here: ...more

Yoga tips for tension in your shoulders

Check out this video: It's a part of my OM A Day Campaign during National Yoga Month.     ...more

Take a yoga class with free YouTube videos

Hi All, So how are you doing? Have you been able to celebrate National Yoga Month in your local community?  Many yoga studios are offering free or cheaper classes this month.  I hope you can take advantage of them.  You can also find yoga groups that offer free or inexpensive classes on in your local community. If you are in the DC area, please consider joining my free Kind and Gentle C-OM-Munity Yoga Meetup group: I am offering free classes on 9/16, 9/17, and 9/22.  ...more

Yoga Poetry for Chilling Out and Meditation


Create A Yoga Collage - A Fun Activity for Daily Yoga Inspiration

Make a play date with yourself and create a yoga collage.  I use them all of the time in my home yoga practice. I also encourage clients to create yoga collages.  They can be used as positive inspiration to maintain a yoga state of mind throughout your day.  ...more

Wrist Remedy: Heal your carpal tunnel syndrome for good with this innovative yogic approach.

Wrist challenges were a popular topic this week. So I found a great article about a wrist remedy that uses a yogic approach in the Yoga Journal magazine. Click here to read:   ...more

Yoga in Bed - A Great Way to Start Your Day

One of the things that I do every day is yoga in the bed.  It is my way of creating a level of balance in my life.  It also helps me keep things in perspective and prevents me from tripping when I don't do my full morning yoga practice on my mat. I found a great series of yoga in bed videos that were featured on a 2006 episode of the CBS' early morning show.  Check them out: ...more

Laughter Yoga



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