Nanny Blogs: Thoughts from a Village for Hire

My name is Mary and I have a nanny. Let me clarify: I don't have a nanny, but I employ a nanny to watch my children. I am addicted to having a nanny and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Twice a week Rosa comes to my home and watches my kids while I write, run errands, or--yes, it's true--get my nails done or my hair cut. I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to recharge my batteries two days a week. Without those breaks in my SAHM routine, I would be one very unhappy mom.

My family loves our nanny and she loves us. We try hard to make her feel like she is a member of our family because, well, she is. With both grandmothers living in other states, we don't have any family close by who can provide us with daycare; Rosa and the other babysitters we occassionally hire are our village.

Our nanny doesn't blog but other nannies do. Here are several nanny blogs I've come across. As people who spend all day taking care of and entertaining kids, nannies often write about life with their charges. And as childcare professionals and early childhood education specialists, most nannies also provide insight to dealing with "problem" kids and challenging situations. Oh, and problem parents, too! Besides learning about kids, I usually learn something about myself when I read a nanny blog.

It's Not All Mary Poppins. As blogger Mary P explains, "A childcare provider is expected to be a superhuman mix of the Madonna and Mary Poppins, ever patient, loving, kind, always delighting in the sweetness of her charges. I don't do such a bad job, all in all, and it's far more likely the parents than the children who strain my sanity most days. But I'm here to tell you: It Ain't ALL Mary Poppins..."

Nanny blogger Mary P also blogs at Partners in Parenting and In The Trenches: Life with the Challenging Child.

Chronicles of Nanny-a. *Nanny "lays it all out on the table: the good, the bad and the poopy."

Pragmatic Chaos is documenting her life as a nanny and a "mommy for hire."

Nanny in NYC is "a modern day Mary Poppins" although she usually goes by the name Annie.

Nanny and student Angela blogs at Adventures of a Nanny.

a nanny's diary is the blog of gnarly nanny from Buffalo, New York. She recently explained about her blogging inspiration:

"as hard as this new job can be at certain points (most especially getting the oldest 2 not to tear each other's heads off, and getting the older 3 to practice cello and do homework right off the bat when getting home from school without a total explosion of craziness...) i know i will never lack for blog fodder."

Amen to that!

BlogHer Contributing Editor Mary Tsao also blogs at Mom Writes.


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