In Balanced Literacy, Johnny’s Reading Means More than Decoding

Throwbacks in education are common. This time,...more

Common Core and Mathematics

During my entire career, there were always standards in mathematics. Whether I was dealing with the mathematics standards of the School District of Philadelphia, the standards of the state of Pennsylvania, or the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), I followed some standards in the teaching of mathematics. With this as my background in using standards, I am going to share with you my feelings about the use of Common Core for Mathematics ....more

Tennessee Education’s Perception Problem

My 10th grade girls are all into HUGE purses, the size of backpacks. They can be very distracting as the girls...more

Flipped Conversations on Stereotypes

Why is the discussion of race or gender so fraught with stress?...more

NPR Blogger Accidentally Exposes an Underlining Issue in Education ‘Reform’

This morning I opened my Twitter account to catch up on all of the education news across the country when in the middle of my computer screen I saw this tweet from NPR’s Lead Education Blogger,...more

Teachers Pay Teachers – The Greatest Program You’re Not Using

Let’s face a fact here – the average reader of The Educator’s Room isn’t your average teacher. These are the teacher-leaders of this profession. They work hard ....more

Inspirational Educator – Melissa Seideman

Teachers take note – Melissa Seideman is changing the way you think about our profession. This social studies instructor from upstate New York has iron in many fires – from being a co-director of #sschat to using technology in her classroom almost daily to hosting a Gilder Lehrman Reconstruction workshop this summer, she is as busy as she is talented. Our #InspirationalEducator took some time out of her schedule – a working day of the summer – to sit down with The Educator’s Room and answer a few of our questions ....more

A Teacher’s Summer Schedule

Educators often find it difficult to unwind...more

Vampires, Honest Abe, and the Future of History Instruction

America loves its heroes. From the earliest inspirational days of explorers...more

Irrational Fears Prevent Real Common Core Progress

Ashley is smart as a whip but often doubts her own abilities. When she first encounters a new math concept she always believes it’s going to be hard and fears attempting it. But with a little help she makes the attempt, and by the end of class I’m almost always rewarded by hearing her exclaim “oh, that’s easy! ...more