When you travel for work

My new job requires me to travel a lot. All international flights, sometimes short haul to other countries in the Middle East, sometimes medium haul to Asia, and sometimes long haul to Australia & New Zealand. Last week I was in Cyprus, this week I'm in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, next month Seoul. This jetsetting lifestyle isn't as glamorous as people might think it is though...

When you travel for work, you are there to work - which means that every minute is utilised to its maximum potential. Its hard to schedule sightseeing when you've got back to back meetings planned. In my last job, I had been to China five times before I had seen the Great Wall, and even then the only reason I had seen it was because I had gone to China on holiday so that I could do all the tourist stuff.

My tips for business travel:

* Travel light - carry on luggage only. Makes for a quicker entrance and exit through the airport.

* If you are travelling internationally, investigate whether you can get an eGate card for your country of residence - it means you can bypass the queues at Immigration and go through a self-service area instead which is much quicker.

* Pack clothes that don't crush and don't need ironing.

* Pack clothes that are culturally appropriate, and appropriate for the weather.

* Take any medications (over-the-counter and prescription) you might need - I always carry paracetemol, cold & flu tablets, and Immodium.

* Charge all electrical items before you leave home, and take the charger for items that you use a lot (eg, cell phone) along with a power adaptor if the country you are going to uses different plug sockets.

* Have a set of toiletries that you only use for travel, which you can leave in your suitcase between trips (particularly if you travel frequently).

* Comfortable shoes - need I say more?

* Try to get some exercise in while you are away, whether its hitting the gym or pool at the hotel, or going for a walk outside. It really does make a big difference to your stamina and helps your body cope with the extra stress of travel.

* Keep in touch with those back home, and make sure that your cell phone has international roaming activated.

What are your tips for when you travel for work?

Contributing Editor Jules also blogs at Jetsetting Jules.


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