Sand Gets in my Eyes is more than my blog name

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I am so happy I found this place! Can I stay?
I'm an American expat writer living and working in Saudi Arabia. And before you ask, yes it is safe, yes I love it here, yes, sometimes I wear an abaya and no, I do not see it as oppression at its most vile but rather a cultural choice.
Anyway, I've been blogging at for about six months, writing away like no one is reading, only to find out that people ARE reading! What a wierd feeling. I mean, when I write a book or a magazine article, I know folks will be reading it so I put on a voice. But my truly started out just for me and maybe a circle of friends. It's me, the naked writer I guess, with all the stretch marks and belly wiggle that comes with making it this far in life!
Like my blog, the blog name - Sand Gets in My Eyes - started out as a kinda cutesy phrase, a play on words, but it's really more than that - it's how I see things. Sometimes there IS sand in my eyes, you should see the dust storms (shamals) around here! Other times the sand is symbolic, blinding me to what's out there, maybe altering the view from time to time.
So, thanks to whoever you are that came up with this great site - I can't wait to look around, find some new friends to visit with and enjoy!