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Great to Meet Everyone!

Hello to all! I am a single mother with 4 kids, ranging in ages from 6 to 15, and I work more than full-time right now trying to start up a company with my sister, as an internet marketing consultant, and as a website designer (though somehow I'm not earning any money yet, LOL).  I'm hoping to make some great connections here, learn some new stuff, and have fun.  Thanks!Sandrawww.DailyOrg.comOrganization for Life...more
Thanks Shannon!  It's busy but fun!more

How can you get sponsor for your blog like mommy bloggers do?

I've seen a lot of mommy bloggers being sponsored by brands to travel or supply a product to give as a giveaway on their blogs, but I never seen any single women having the same opportunity they have. Is there any single women here who have  this rare opportunity of having sponsors on their blog? How did you find them? Please share your knowledge about this. :)  ...more
I've been wondering the same thing for the past year! I haven't figured it out, except that moms ...more

Tell us about your worst date.

Mine is pretty mild; I've been lucky:My first [and only] blind date was with my co-worker's little brother. We went with her and her husband to a monster truck rally. I was naturally excited, as I'd never been to one. But then he awkwardly did not say a single word to me the entire time. Only spoke to his sister. The entertainment was excellent; the company was not....more
I would check out this guy who was an upper class-man in middle school. I did not date him ...more

My Cult Life: What Happened in the Cult Stayed in the Cult Until Now

I started a blog! It was July 2010 when I started blogging as a pre-writing exercise for a novel I wanted to write based on true life events that happened when I was 17 until I was 24. I graduated high school and joined a discipleship program I found out about through my church....more

I clicked around your blog yesterday for quite awhile. Interesting! Thanks for linking ...more

What do you like to do to disconnect?

When you are under stress or having a bad day, what do you do to disconnect yourself? I normally read a book or watch a movie eating ice cream or any other guilty pleasure!...more

Doing my nails is very therapeutic for me. I'll usually pop in a good, happy movie [such as, The ...more

The Start of My "Business"

Starting a Business:  Well, I should be honest. I have technically been in business for about 3 years. I hate to say that because I feel like we don't have much to show for the 3 years we have put in except for a whole lot of debt, old equipment, and aggravation, but some would say we have learned a lot and have come a long way. Before I start to write a daily synopsis on what it's like to run a business, I will at least give you some background on the last 3 years. I will try to be brief. ...more

Enjoyed the article, this happens a lot especially for those who are enthusiastic and young and ...more

17 Days of Halloween Giveaways for Modern Women

My site is hosting 3 weeks of Halloween-Themed giveaways. Lots of jewelry/fashion items etc. Enter!

Who is your female hero?

I pose my question because the fact of the matter is in today's society it seems like there are not that many truly great female role models.  Or at least you certainly have to search hard.  Media bombards us with female icons like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and I question whether these are the women that inspire us or our daughters/neices/grandchildren to become something great.  ...more

I have a close friend who have overcome all kind of obstacles to pursue her dream of be a makeup ...more

Where were YOU on 9/11?

i was on my way to work & listening to Howard Stern when he reported that he saw the 1st plane hit the first tower. He stayed on the air all morning & most of the afternoon. Every year, I like to repost what I wrote on that horrible day in time. Not everything I wrote was accurate, but at the time, the real truth was anybody's guess. My heart continues to go out to all of those who lost their lives, the families and friends they left behind, and our service men and women who had the job of saving the wounded and cleaning up the debris. ...more

I'll be in NYC this weekend

if anyone wants to bond. ...more

Vaguely Off-Topic - New Blog Meme at Ms. Modern

I started a new meme called All About YOU Monday at . I wanted to start something that REALLY allowed people to interact. Most memes are just people answering questions about themselves, but doesn't involve getting their readership involved. This meme does just that. Here's the 1st installment. If you want, please post it on your site! ...more

A short fairy tale

I did not write this - came to me via email.  About 80% of it is no fairy tale - it's actually descriptive of my life :)  Thought this group would get a kick out of it. Erin The Single Rider - the fine line between "free" and "alone" ...more

love it!




What do you want the world to know about modern single women?

I get frustrated that we're not equally represented in the world. There are many Mommy sites, but are there many Single Mommy sites? Are there many sites for Single Women that AREN'T dating sites? I'm not a hardcore feminist, but is it wrong to want more representations of us out there in the world? ...more

It's not horrible! :) I'm so happy with my kid-free life and my only roommate is my cat. I ...more

Welcome! Introduce yourself!

I'm Nikki, a 32-year-old never married woman in Ohio. I work in the Insurance Industry. I also run a site for single modern women: ...more



Thanks for the welcome.  I looked at the blogs and they're ...more


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