Work turns to play (and good food) for five days

As I described in my last post about clearing out and selling our beloved house in Madison, we were working dawn to dark sorting boxes, rummaging through the basement and attic, and generally making hard choices about to toss, what to sell and what to keep. But, two weeks into our agenda, we were scheduled to fly to Boston, then drive to Cape Cod to attend the wedding of a close friend's son. As the departure date loomed, I felt like I'd made a big mistake taking five days off for some — gasp — fun ....more

HappyCow Cookbook review and giveaway

Is there a traveling vegan or vegetarian who hasn't looked at the HappyCow review list of vegan/vegetarian-friendly places to eat? I doubt it. We always check the list when we're heading to a new location, and even sometimes when we're going out to eat at home, to see what food options are available ....more

It's been a long — and short — summer

Found in a box of photos. Obviously, I've been away. We left Seattle June 30 and headed east to Madison, Wis ....more

Turkish cooking class with Sureyya Gokeri

My plate. I've posted about taking cooking classes at PCC (our food co-op) before, and as in the past, we really enjoyed both the instruction and the food in our latest class. Over the course of the two hour class period, Sureyya made four dishes — all gluten-free and vegan — that would be spectacular served to guests, but were definitely easy enough for everyday fare ....more

Sodastreams and Vitamix blender jars

Quite a number of months ago I got a sodastream, but I held off talking about it until I had formed an opinion, and then, it became such a part of everyday life that I forgot to mention it. It's time to talk about how often we use it and how much we like it. We make at least two large bottles of carbonated water every day, and we're totally in love with this little contraption ....more

Fremont Solstice Parade 2014, and a smoothie

Blueberry-mango version The first day of summer in Seattle was uncharacteristically warm and sunny — perfect weather to start the new season. Blue skies, sunshine, 77 degrees and the annual Fremont Solstice Parade all promised to make the day special. I started the day with my current favorite smoothie ....more

Dips for dads — and don't forget the cake

We celebrated Father's Day at our son and daughter-in-law's house where we had a delicious brunch. We had tofu scramble from...more

Blueberry-lemon quick bread — GF or not

The Fire and Earth Kitchen folks, who recently taught a cooking class at my house (read about it here), just posted a recipe for blueberry breakfast bread on their Web site. The texture looked very appealing, and even though I don't usually eat cake for breakfast, I was immediately attracted to the recipe. Please don't misunderstand me here, I'm not saying you shouldn't eat cake for breakfast, just that I usually don't ....more

How To Be Vegan

If you've been vegan for any length of time, there have probably been moments when you wished you could pull a book like Elizabeth Castoria's How To Be Vegan out of your pocket and say, "Here, just read this." Times when someone has said, "Eating a vegan diet seems like a great idea but it's just too hard, and I wouldn't know where to begin." Or, "I'd love to invite you to dinner but I have no idea what to cook." Or maybe, "But why would you want to give up so much good food to be vegan?" Or even, that most favorite of all questions, "Where do you get your protein?" Perhaps you just really wish you could politely and helpfully answer these questions better yourself. I say, "politely," because throughout the book, Castoria maintains that it helps the vegan cause more when vegans are nice, than when we puff up and turn into the vegan police. Chapter five is entitled...more

Blueberry lemon flaugnarde, vegan and gluten-free (or not)

Blueberry lemon cake with lemon glaze. Back in November, I tried to make a desert called a flaugnarde, which is basically a clafoutis made with blueberries instead of cherries. It was a huge failure that I saved by turning it into cake balls (you can read about it here, if you'd like), but it's always bugged me that I couldn't get it to turn out right, because it sounded so good ....more