New Blog!

Friends and all four of my loyal readers,So it's come to this: I've started a new blog!I hope you'll join me over at my new digs:...more

Bad sleeper, better sleeper? 13 weeks old

Infant sleep. That dubious measure of parental success. Here then, the sleeping adventures of my terrible-sleeper-son-who-is-now-kind-of-improving-but-I’m-sure-as-soon-as-I-say-it-out-loud-I-will-jinx-it ....more

back to work, 11 weeks old

I’ve been back at work for over a week now. Over a week in which I have felt like some bizarre combination of a disembodied head attached to an electric pump. It has been disorienting, exhausting, stimulating and also, for good measure, TEARY ....more

the great nanny search, 10 weeks

Not technically a picture of our nanny. It’s hard to say when I knew it wasn’t a good fit. But my money is on, oh I don’t know, the moment she went running down the hallway, dramatically locked herself in our bathroom, and screeched that she just KNEWour dog was going to bite her ....more

Routine?, 8 weeks old

Becoming a parent has revealed what, honestly, I already knew: I am a control freakcreature of habit. I like routines, predictability and schedules. I promise I’m not boring ....more

interior design, six weeks and three days old

At first I was going to call this post “nursery porn.” But for fear of what trolling interweb sociopaths might stumble upon this here blog when searching for other, less classy, subject matter, I didn't. You're welcome. Alas, here are a few shots of baby E’s nursery ....more

secrets I tell my son, five weeks old

Because I do everything my saccharine and kind of patronizing “My Baby Today” Baby Center App tells me to do, the other day I was instructed to “tell your baby a secret.” The “secret” they suggested I tell my son was, “I love you.”[1] According to Baby Center: Sharing “secrets” using a cardboard tube will keep your baby intrigued. High tech baby communication device. While I’m pretty sure that my infant son would be farmore intrigued if given the opportunity to chew haphazardly on the aforementioned cardboard tube and stare blankly at the overhead lights like the future paste eater he is, I am also an insecure first time mom who is apparently willing to be convinced that my everyday kitchen recycling has a starring role in my child’s emotional and intellectual development ....more

parenting fails, 25 days old

First. I am really sorry. I am totally behind on reading everyone’s blogs and commenting ....more

managing expectations, 17 days old

Managing expectations. Remaining flexible. Keeping an open mind ....more

the first ten days

And somehow, just like that, we made it through the first ten days[1]. Here then, in completely random order, are five invaluable mildly entertaining things I have learned during this harrowing period of newborn-ness. 1. The laws of physics do not apply ....more