Hyde Tools and Colorado To The Rescue

The dog days of summer are coming and at the ranch we are still picking away at projects that we hoped to have accomplished two months ago.After last summers weather blew through with three storms of destruction, it has taken us this long to clean up and get a vision for putting things back together.One of those visions is going to take more time than we have right now but a new and improved playground is in the design stage with input from the short people that use it.And with the help of some complimentary tools from Hyde Tools we are making things presentable for this summer. But let me tell you those short people have some definite ideas about how it should look!...more

Popped Corn Minnetonka Minnesota

The thing about kids is that they grow up.So because another one of mine has done just that, I get the opportunity to meet fun people....more

Thrifty Decorating July

Thrifty Style Team July....more

What's Shaking At The Ranch?

So you wanna know what's been shaking at the ranch and where the heck I've been?I know you do because you email me. Thanks for missing my projects....more

Thrifty Style Team June Stool Makeover

Thrifty Style....more

Pfister Laundry Room Faucet

I suppose no one reading this has ever started a household project that should take a mere couple of hours tops, only for it to drag on for something like 2+ weeks, right...it's just me?Oh that's happened to you too?Such is the tale of installing a totally awesome faucet in a not so totally awesome laundry room sink. Most people who come to my home wouldn't describe it as old.Around these parts old houses are those that have been around since the middle ages....more

Updated Lamps April Thrifty Style Team

Welcome to the April edition of the Thrifty Style Team, where I try to prove that I have an eye for rescuing some cast off or worn out piece of junk from a garage sale or thrift store. Click here to read the rest » Truncating blog posts these days so thieves don't translate my words into gibberish and pirate my pictures. Just click to read the whole post ....more

New Fireplace Mantel With Fusion Mineral Paint

Our family room has gone through many changes over the years....more

Dining Chairs With Old Sign Stencils

Somewhere between the stomach flu and my current head cold, I decided to get rid of a couple 20 something year old chairs....more

Thrifty March Madness Baby Scale

Welcome to March Madness of the thrifty kind with the Thrifty Style Team.For March I transformed an antique baby scale made by Continental Scale Works. What's March Madness anyhow, isn't it mens basketball? Click here to read the rest » Truncating blog posts these days so thieves don't translate my words into gibberish and pirate my pictures ....more