Dining Chairs With Old Sign Stencils

Somewhere between the stomach flu and my current head cold, I decided to get rid of a couple 20 something year old chairs....more

Thrifty March Madness Baby Scale

Welcome to March Madness of the thrifty kind with the Thrifty Style Team.For March I transformed an antique baby scale made by Continental Scale Works. What's March Madness anyhow, isn't it mens basketball? Click here to read the rest » Truncating blog posts these days so thieves don't translate my words into gibberish and pirate my pictures ....more

Pallet Topped Coffee & Side Tables

A couple of years ago I picked up a coffee table at a garage sale after I eyed it up for potential. I determined I could do a little something-something with it, and for $7.00 bucks it came home with me.This is the 3rd makeover that the family room table has received, and you know what they say - 3rd time's a charm!Click here to read the rest » Truncating blog posts these days so thieves don't translate my words into gibberish and pirate my pictures. Just click to read the whole post ....more

Thrifty Style Team February, The Barber Shop

The Thrifty Style Team is back for 2017, kicking off February with some thrifty wares. It's all about how to use cast off, thrifty or thrifted items in your decor. This month I'm going to show you some of my favorite finds, although I don't know if I can actually call them thrifty since they sort of cost me thousands of dollars....more

Quirky Sign With Homestead House Milk Paint

What month is this?...more

Bliss Ranch 2016 Pick 'O The Litter Projects

I had my favorite projects of 2016, but that doesn't mean they were also my readers favorites.So like the November election results, some of these reader project favorites of the year, might surprise you!...more

Earthy Holiday Pillows From Sew A Fine Seam

I've mentioned in the past that the colors in our family room are muted shades of rusty orange, browns, and earthy colors. We like it that way, specially at Christmas when the pine cones are in old crates...more

Christmas Tree Crate Base

A few years ago I made a three sided bottomless Christmas tree crate, with a paint job modeled after one I saw on a friends blog.Why three sides instead of four?...more

Pine Box Keepsake Gift

I have a rather wordy post today and it might get a little long.A story for you, but it's not really mine to tell so I won't be including many of the more personal details....more

Bakery Gift Sign With Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils

Depending on the specific occasion, we enjoy making gifts around here.And as far as we can tell, the recipients like receiving them.You know the saying about the apple doesn't fall far from the tree right?...more