Forget secrets and confessions; how about nanny narcs?

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Every parent who leaves her child entrusted to the care of another worries while she is away. Most parents do the best they can to locate quality care, build trust with their caregivers, and then quickly take for granted that---if everything was arranged according to plan---all must be well.

Well. You know how they say "it takes a village?"

Allow me to introduce I saw your nanny:

We will be posting your reports of nanny sightings on this blog. So often mothers and other nannies have commented that they wished they had an avenue to contact the parent of a child they saw being mistreated by the nanny. We want to be that resource.

Submissions are welcome from anyone who witnesses mistreatment of a child by a caregiver (I wonder how people know if someone is a nanny, sometimes, and not a parent or other relative). Although as much detail as possible is encouraged, including the suggestion of pictures, the site owner(s) promises to obscure identities while maintaining enough information to make the perpetrator recognizable to the parent.

It's true that I have discussed, here, before, a certain fascination with this new genre of secret-telling blogs. But this one makes me feel decidedly uncomfortable.

The purported aim is to help mothers know when nannies are behaving badly behind their backs. But what's to stop someone from sending in a false report for their own purposes? What's to stop someone from reading an entry about someone else and thinking it's her nanny being discussed? For that matter, what's to stop every mother who has a nanny from compulsively checking this site through parted fingers, worried about reading that Junior isn't as safe as supposed?

Will you read? If you employ a nanny, will you worry?


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