Hair Care Products and Tips for Growing Long Hair

Hair Care Products and Tips for Growing Long Hair features the items I use on a daily and weekly basis to keep my hair healthy and strong as I grow it out. The video begins with the products I use while in the shower, what I use to combat frizz and natural waviness, my favorite......more

Green Hi-Low Dress

Green Hi-Low Dress is what I wore on our latest excursion...more

Easiest Top Knot Tutorial

Easiest Top Knot Tutorial is literally one of the easiest ways to create a perfect donut style bun or top knot. I use this technique for 90% of my buns so if you are one of those ladies who has been requesting a more detailed tutorial of my bun, this is it! It takes seconds......more

Deep Lipstick for Summer

Deep Lipstick for Summer was inspired by the Essie nail polish, Bahama Mama. I was browsing through the store one day for some necessities when I meandered over to the polish section to see which new shades were available. I absolutely love Essie polish and am slowly building a collection of colors for each season.......more

a day at the lake

We went up to the lake...more

Waterfall, Dutch, French Braid into Braided Bun

Waterfall, Dutch, French Braid into Braided Bun… we’re getting a little crazy over here. It is safe to safe I am absolutely obsessed with these combo braids. My particular favorites have been: Braid 10 – Double Waterfall Braids and Fishtail Bun Waterfall and Fishtail French Braids Braid 20 – Double Headband Waterfall Braid Braid 3......more

Summer Sorbet and a Giveaway


Ponytail Braid

Ponytail Braid is my go-to hairstyle for summer. It requires zero heat, aka no curling irons or flat irons needed. It also is perfect...more

Golden Smokey Eye and Reviews

Golden Smokey Eye and Reviews features a new makeup kit that I purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I am a huge fan of BareMineral products and knew I would love the items from the kit. I wanted to give little reviews on each product...more

Half Up Crown Braid

Half Up Crown Braid is the half up version of the Dutch crown braid. I recently posted a new version with a flower crown which is the same technique but minus the flower crown. I love this hairstyle because I absolutely love wearing a crown braid ....more