Sustainable seafood with Blue Apron

This post is sponsored by my friends at Blue Apron. The Pilot and I have a little talk when we prepare Blue Apron meals. “Maybe this will be the one…” We keep waiting to see if we’ll have a Blue Apron meal we DON’T like, and in a year + of consistently making them, it has yet to happen ....more

Tucson adventures

Hi friends! How’s the week going? Hope you’re having a great one so far ....more


“I like walking Caro. She’s nice and slow.” “This is my pet spider. His name is Chuy.” (Thank goodness Chuy was a toy.) “How long until Penelope is old enough to have fun with me?” “How old do you want her to be?” “Um, probably like 55.” ...more

How much cardio is too much?

Hi friends! How’s the morning going?? Hope the start of your week is going well ....more

“Before we leave San Diego” bucket list

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. I have not one, but two new posts up on the PBB site if you’d like to check them out! ...more

hi from the desert + annie’s wedding

Hi friends! Happy Monday and helloooo from Tucson. Before we get into the weekend recap, huge congratulations to the winner of the Zeel massage: ...more

Friday Faves

Hi friends! Happy happy Friday. Don’t forget to enter the Zeel Massage and Bitsy’s Brainfood giveaways that are going on! ...more

Peanut butter jelly dip + Bitsy’s Brainfood giveaway

This post is sponsored through my partnership with Bitsy’s Brainfood + includes an amazing giveaway opportunity. One of the things that I’ve noticed about Liv and young kiddos is that they like to feel like they’re part of the team, and not quite so different from the adults. This is why I’ll usually serve Liv what I’m eating (or she eats it out of my bowl, haha) or make her similar versions of our beloved meals ....more

hey bay + Zeel Massage Giveaway!

Hi friends! How are you doing? Happy almost-Friday! ...more