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Hi, I'm Lori,

Hi Moms in the Middle, I'm Lori, aka  I have been trying to identify myself lately.  I'm a middle-aged lady but I'm not that middle-aged, yet.  Moms in the Middle is a perfect description, for this time of life.  I'm so glad to have that new terminology.  Nice to meet you....more

Great to Meet Everyone!

Hello to all! I am a single mother with 4 kids, ranging in ages from 6 to 15, and I work more than full-time right now trying to start up a company with my sister, as an internet marketing consultant, and as a website designer (though somehow I'm not earning any money yet, LOL).  I'm hoping to make some great connections here, learn some new stuff, and have fun.  Thanks!Sandrawww.DailyOrg.comOrganization for Life...more
Thanks Shannon!  It's busy but fun!more

About to be mom of teenager

Hi,I'm Amy and I just wanted to say hi to this group. I'm so glad to have found this since my baby days are well over and grandchildren are a future dream. I have 3 boys who are 12, 8 and 5 now. My 12 year old will be 13 this month - yikes!I work full time on weekends, and work on my blog the rest of the week. Still new to the blogging world - and leanring a LOT. I've been blogging a few months now and loving it.Glad to connect with other great like minded women. Thank you....more
Welcome! And good luck with the teen!  I have six kids: 29, 26, 22, almost 19, almost 17, 14.   :-)more

Introducing Myself

Hi everyone. I am just now joining some more groups here on BlogHer and wanted to say hello. I am 42 and have children. They are my step-children, but I adopted them and so they are bought and paid for. They are 11 and 13 and I still have my sanity, but am unsure about the future of my sanity. Today, I blogged about human motherhood vs. raising puppies. Prepare for cute puppy pics!   Cindy Brown ...more

How about our marriages?

Hi all.  I'm new to BlogHer and new to this group.  Would love to hear any of your stories on the journey through marriage!My blog is: and I plan to hop on over to visit yours! ...more

Saturday Suggestions

Link your post / blog / page at Saturday Suggestions:  Here        ~MonaMore MilestonesTwitter   ...more

I'm new to blogHer and have loved getting to know everyone on this online community. I would ...more

Will Anyone Be Watching...

The Survivor Finale?  I can't wait.  The only one I really like is Matt but I hope Russell wins the online poll.        ~MonaMore MilestonesTwitter   ...more

We didn't have a chance to watch it last night -- I'm hoping we get to see it today.

I like ...more

What´s your guilty pleasure?

Do you have something that you love to do, buy, eat or drink and is like a reward ir always cheers you up?I have a couple: ice cream and a marathon of a trash tv show, something like Jersey Shore or Keeping up with the Kardashians! The point is not having to think to much... ...more

My guilty pleasure is anything ice cream. Especially, Haagen Daz caramel malts, I enjoy at least ...more

To Self Publish or Not

  Has anyone had a book published? Did you do self-publishing? If so, which company did you use? How was your experience? I'm considering having a children's book self-published but have heard it might ruin the crediblity of the book because I had to do it myself. Anyone know anything? Thanks ...more
I am self-debating with this exact topic right now. After two years of writing my first book ...more

Without the Internet

Like many Americans, we are going through some tough times.  Because of that we will be losing our Internet access. I'm setting up scheduled posts so please continue to read and enjoy my blog.       ~Mona More Milestones ...more

Sorry to hear that Mona, hopefully soon you'll be able to get your internet back. In the ...more

Link Your 1st Blog Post

I started to write at the suggestion of my ICU nurse. There I was in my midforties unable to ...more

BlogOutreach: Which Mom Sites Like to Review Apps?

I'm doing a guerilla marketing outreach for Sleeping WIth the Laundry. I'm asking mom bloggers to review my app. Which mom sites would you recommend who like to review apps.   Best, Margee Moore Blogger at and author of the iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track.  A five star star rated a...more
Did you receive any feedback on your request? I am curious too.. more

Market Like a Mother: Share Your App Marketing Ideas

Hello!   I'm so excited that my app Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track is out on the apple store. But with over 185,000 apps out there, sales are slow. So what's a mom to do. Do you all have any marketing ideas. I'm going to make postcards for the next big mom conference and hand them out. Car sign is another idea.    Do you all have any additional ideas.   Best, MoxieMom...more

I just shared it on my Facebook page so maybe that will help out a little :) ...more

Thanksgiving Tips

Hey Moms in the Middle! The Holidays are almost here! My mother-in-law, her new husband and my sister-in-law and her family coming for Thanksgiving. Yikes. It's next week. So far my plan is to take the Wednesday before off to shop and prepare. The kids will be off from school too. And I'm starting to think about getting ready. And I think I'm starting to panic. ...more

Do Your Kids Say "Burn!" a Lot?

Seems every sentence my 10 year old son says lately ends with burn. "See I told you Mom, burn!" "Dad didn't eat the dinner you cooked either, burn!" Is this a preview of the teen years I wonder? For advice I've got none and I'm looking to you all. I talk about the appropriateness of saying burn to your mother and that it is not appropraite. Also I make him repeat his sentences in a much more polite manner until he gets it right. Thoughts?   ...more

Making My Own Green Peace

Last week, on a summer Sunday, my morning started slowly with a gloom over it. Nothing serious, just work again. As I drank my coffee on the back patio, my head just felt heavy. ...more

Thank you so much for your comment and encouraging words. Yes the emerging adult is our ...more


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