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Hi,My name is Iva and I am new to BlogHer. I blog about fashion, specifically dressing like a mom. I post several times a week, specifically about what I'm wearing. I'm looking for followers and to follow Canadian blogs. If you are interested drop by.IvaOne Chic Mom

If it isn't in the mail now, you can still deliver it yourself - BC's HST referendum

Location Beauty BC, Eh Canada See map: Google Maps For those of you living outside of BC or under a rock in BC, today is the deadline when the referendum votes on the Harmonized Sales Tax must be in the designated offices of Elections BC. Please note, this is not the same as being postmarked August 5th but actually in the office REGARDLESS of when you put it in the mailbox. ...more

August Long Weekend...what is it called in your neighborhood?

Location Victoria, BC Canada See map: Google Maps Tomorrow is the August long weekend, or at least a long weekend in BC. Our provincial government stretched itself to the limits of creativity in coming up with a name for this one, BC Day. Prior to that it was called Civic Holiday...or something equally as scintillating. I'm just wondering what it's called where you are and how you plan on celebrating the government's generosity in giving us a day of rest in the middle of summer....more

Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins, which one is the Canadian team?

Really? ah, yeah, unfortunately, in the major media there is a debate over whether the team from Canada is really the more Canadian team. Maybe it's because I'm from the west it seems the people who are supporting the proposition that Boston is more Canadian because it has more players from north of the 49th are mostly from Toronto and parts east. So, which is this just an attempt by media to stir up a controversy or is there a real division here. Are you wearing brown and yellow or going blue and green?"Looouuuuuuu" xxoolmoe...more

Guess we got spanked on Monday and I do think the call on the Horton hit was a good one. These ...more

Happy Victoria Day, eh? Where will you be and what will you be doing?

Out here on the left coast, the May 24th weekend is traditionally when we put in all our annual bedding plants or go for the first big camping weekend of the year. In Victoria it also signals the beginning of the real tourist season, our Victoria Day parade being on most international marching bands marshalled events calendar. I never was in band so I have no idea what that means other than our motels are full of teens who like to wear funny hats and march in file while playing Louie Louie......more

I totally forgot it was Victoria Day!

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2011 Election: did we make history or guarantee more of the Conservative same?

Here in BC we elected the first Green party member ever to Parliament (and I'm pretty sure there aren't any at the provincial level across the country but I could be wrong on that one). Also, for the first time in history the NDP now sits directly across from the government and Jack is moving into Stornoway, official residence of the leader of Her Majesty's loyal Opposition. ...more

Canada To Buy H1N1 Vaccine For Pregnant Women

Special H1N1 Vaccine for Pregnant Women in CanadaBy Helen Branswell, THE CANADIAN PRESSOriginal at: will purchase supplies of unadjuvanted swine flu vaccine to offer to pregnant women who might otherwise choose not to be vaccinated, the country’s chief public health officer has revealed.Dr. ...more

Haha.. I hear you.  After checking into the background of this story, I came to the ...more


*Sigh*  Here we go again..A federal election appears to be inevitable, as Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe and his party launch an ad campaign that claims there's little difference between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff ...more

What a waste of our money.

Ask yourself this when you go to the polls: how much more ...more

Top 10 Reasons To Love CANADA

We Canadians love our health care and hockey. And don't keep us from our Second Cup coffee -- preferably with croissants and butter tarts. From the rolling Atlantic to the Rocky Mountains, we boast about our hearty multiculturalism and polite people.There are many things that make us proud to living in the True North Strong And Free, including our crazy Canadian weather. ...more

You might as well throw Tim Horton's in there, as well.  

Yes, we love ...more

So You Think You Know Canada?

Try this little QUIZ to find out how much you REALLY know ;-) ...more



Congrats on 20/20 - some of those questions were really ...more


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