Show Off Your Bones: How fashion is the enemy of women

Book cover by Mary Reynolds.Sheila Lennon discusses an overlooked artist, Mary Reynolds:

"Warm Ashes: The Life and Career of Mary Reynolds is astonishing. Why haven't we heard of Mary Reynolds before, in the same breath as Anaïs Nin and Djuna Barnes?

Perhaps because she did not write. She bound books."

I found this quite interesting because there is an unspoken a hierarchy to artistic endeavors, with bookbinding and the textile arts being assigned a lowly rung. Painting is considered the pinnacle of the art world: it is the most credible, respected, and "serious" of the visual arts; then sculpture, then photography, and so on. This impacts how an artist's work is regarded, and what status she is accorded by the art world.

Mary Reynolds' bookbinding seems to straddle both worlds: "high" art, and the more crafty of the textile arts.

Anyways, read the entire post at Subterranean Homepage News.

Molly Saves the Day surveys the fashion industry and notes, "this season, the style is: show off your bones".

After surveying the latest trend being pushed by the fashion world, she concludes:

"Make no mistake: fashion—and by this, I don't just mean fashion manufacturers, I mean 'fashion as an entity unto itself', the idea that what you wear should need to be in or out or anything else—is the enemy of women. In case anyone out there didn't get that, I'll repeat it. Fashion. Is. The. Enemy. Of. Women."

Read her essay to see how it leads to this conclusion: "We have seen the enemy, and it is skinny-leg jeans.".

Rants of a feminist engineer writes a letter to a newspaper and publishes it at her blog. It's regarding the reporting of the recent school massacres. She points out that:

"Overlooking the gendered dimension of the Colorado and Pennsylvania massacres allows the public to classify them as mere psychopathic rampages against children in schools, and not hate crimes against women in a culture where masculinity is tightly tied with violence."

See "My (heretofore unpublished) letter to the New York Times".

I also want to point readers to "Help save Iranian women from death by stoning" by Kim Pearson.

Photo: Subterranean Homepage News

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