It's a Dog Lick Baby World

I blog over at It's a Dog Lick Baby World! The blog covers both running and mommy blogging topics, as well as the occasional rant against random things. 

That sounds miserable, so I'm totally in

If you're a long time reader, you remember how I have...more

Sugar Fest 2016 with Aquafresh®

It's been well documented that I love Halloween. It's the most exciting day of the year Halloween might be the perfect holiday because you get the enjoy the anticipation and planning (what costume to wear!) but there is no gift buying stress or travel involved. Really though, we all know the real reason I love Halloween so much ....more

It's only a thing if you make it a thing

In general, I don't really buy into making some kind of social statement via my children. If your little boy wants Elsa toys and you get them for him, then add a gold star to your "Reasonable Human" chart. If you take his interest in "girl" stuff as a chance to dress him up as a princess and plaster that all over social media to "normalize it" or "feed on attention" then maybe look at your motivations ....more

Current Mood

In a breaking news report from Captain Obvious, my ability to concentrate on blog posts has been a little spotty lately. It's a combination of censoring myself and also feeling like I haven't done it enough and now there is too much to say. It's a mental bottleneck ....more

My Bit is getting so Fit

Since at heart I'm a lemming, I recently got a Fit Bit. I had all of these lofty ideas that having a Fit Bit would encourage me to take the long way to the bathroom at work and walk the dog at night after the kids go to bed. It turns out that the Fit Bit doesn't change anything I do, but it does make me feel resentful and angry about my normal level of activity ....more

Snarking Blackhole

If you're reading this, you're probably a fan of reading blogs. If you read blogs, then you probably know about the snark site GOMI. I've blogged about the practice of hate reading before and I've never made a secret of my habit of keeping up with many of the threads on that site ....more

8 Things to Never Ask a SAHM

I wrote a follow up post for my 8 Things to Never Ask a Working Mother over a Fit Bottomed Mamas. Hopefully this will also be accused of furthering the Mommy Wars, which sounds fun, like Risk but with organic snacks. 8 Things to Never Ask a Stay at Home MotherIf you read my first post about things to never ask a working mom, you’re prepared for the “stay at home mom” edition ....more

Already feeling the holiday spirit

Blogging is a little bit like working out: the more regular you are in doing it, the easier it feels. Blogging once a week reminds me of running once a week: I'm glad I can still do it, but holy crap it's not as easy as I remember it. Of course, I could be remembering it as easier, for both blogging and running ....more

Riding a sled down the slippery slope

Remember how I was committed to eating healthier food and cleaning up my diet? I've been really consistent with it and I keep waiting for this mystical "extra energy" or just in general, feeling less like this is all a horrible mistake. The first step down the slippery slope was giving myself permission to stop using the MyFitnesspal app on the weekends ....more

Back to School

It finally happened: I broke down and joined the sign trend. Look! It's a mom who cares enough to get chalkboards! ...more