It's a Dog Lick Baby World

I blog over at It's a Dog Lick Baby World! The blog covers both running and mommy blogging topics, as well as the occasional rant against random things. 


You guys are awesome! My goal for fundraising was $4,500 and currently we're at $4,695!! If you still want to have a chance to win $100, $50, or $25 prizes, you can still enter the contest by guessing my distance for this Saturday's six hour race! ...more

Why I care about the cause

There are more worthy causes and charities out there than you can shake a stick at, and I'm asking you to care about one charity in particular. Why the Semper Fi Fund? Well, the easiest answer is that I'm married to an injured Marine ....more

The Forrest Gimp Walk Fundraiser

If you're a newer reader of my blog or if you have bad memory for the mundane details of other people's lives, you may have forgotten that I was once a runner. I haven't run since the end of January, with the only exception being a few running steps to stop the baby from toddling out into traffic. Since my back injury and subsequent back surgery in March, I've been told that I should never run again ....more

Endless Summer 6 Hour Race Distance Guesses

Endless Summer 6 Hour Race Distance Guesses Distance Donor Name Donation request 1 mile Jane Doe In memory of her grandfather 2 miles Joe Plumber In honor of his main man John McCain 2.2 miles Dean Winchester In memory of John Winchester 3 miles Frodo Baggins In honor of Gandalf the Grey 4 miles Willow Rosenberg In memory of Buffy because she saved the world a lot ....more

If you say the word enough times, it loses all meaning

Growing up, I was always told that pie was a horrible dessert and it was never served at our house. I don't know why my mother had such beef with fruit filled pastries, but that's another story. As a result, I never even tried pie until I was an adult ....more

Peanut has a favor to ask you

I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy reading about my daily trials and tribulations yesterday. If anyone is still carrying resentment about my post-lunch nap, the baby covered that for you by getting up for the day at 4:45am yesterday. She was just...not tired anymore, so we just got up ....more

Living the Minivan Lifestyle

I'm probably breaking some kind of mommy blogger code if I write a post about our daily activities and don't make it sound like the same level of suffering and work as building the First Transcontinental Railroad, but I like living life on the edge.6:30am: I wake up to the sound of Faith singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" somewhat off key and very loudly in her room. I have yet to experience the level of happiness at waking up that requires singing, but maybe one day I'll get there.After they are both dressed and downstairs, I throw some frozen waffles in the toaster and turn on Olivia. What's "Olivia" you ask? ...more

I just can't with Sookie anymore, among other things

None of these topics are related, yet I've crammed them into one post so...I'm sorry?I changed the day that Faith takes gymnastics from Wednesday to Monday and I've seemingly stumbled upon a group of people who actually socialize and enjoy each other's company while the kids are in the class. In my previous experiences, everyone just sits quickly and looks at their smart phone and avoids eye contact with the other parents in the tiny cramped waiting room. At first it was a little weird to come into that situation where they all knew each other already, but luckily for me, Cordelia takes over the socialization aspect ....more

Sometimes I do actually leave home

In one of those "you know you're a parent of two young kids" moments, I had a relaxing weekend driving all the way up the East Coast to visit a friend and her new baby. ...more

Ain't no party like a First Moon party

I learned something very disturbing yesterday: "Period Parties" are an actual thing. I thought it was bad when people would have "Potty Parties" for their toddlers when they hit that magical milestone, but this is worse. I know from having a fairly recently potty trained kid that she would love to have a party about it ....more