The Daily Tay

I drink olives in my beer, enjoy going out to eat more than I should, and believe dreams are worth chasing. I'm a blogger by day and stand-up comedian by night.

The Post About Being Thankful

An "I'm thankful" post full of sincerity and perhaps just a little sarcasm. Just a little. So come cozy up by the fire with me and let's all talk about what we're thankful for ....more

How To Be A Successful Blogger On Instagram

For starters, if you have an actual blog, get rid of it. Blogs are so yesterday. Words are so meh ....more

Preparing For The Holidays In My 90s Childhood vs What It's Like Now

The Christmas Lights.The 90s: Dad hung the lights while mom yelled at him from the ground while my brother and I gleefully ran around the roof occasionally slipping on a loose shingle or two, chasing each other with the staple gun. And more than likely we weren't wearing coats. We hated wearing coats.By the time the sun would set we'd all been outside untangling lights and trying to find the broken lights for nearly four hours so when my mom would yell at my dad to "Straighten the lights out! ...more

Musings of a Wanderer

Introducing Carly from Musings of a Wanderer. 1. So I see that you're semi new to blogging, what made you decide to jump in?I have always loved to write. When I was in high school I was an editor on the school newspaper and then in college I was a part of an online publication, Her Campus, for almost two years ....more

Halfway To 28...

Glasses found here....more

Hello Friday

Hey everyone, guess what? It's finally Friday! And I am so so happy about this ....more

5 Ways I've Increased My Blog Traffic

1. Utilize the power of Pinterest.It took me too long to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon and fully understand the mass amount of traffic this platform can bring to my blog. I never thought my posts were "Pinterest worthy." And to be honest most of them aren't, but every once in awhile I force myself to write one that is ....more

Winters Bone

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vaseline for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. It snowed for the first time October 31st ....more

Tuesdays With Taylor

A new segment where I talk about all of the ways my new bestie, Taylor Swift and I are basically IDENTICAL. The similarities are almost uncanny you guys, it's kind of crazy.For starters, you all saw Taylor's TIME magazine cover last week, right? Well did you know that in 1997 I too was in TIME For Kids magazine ....more

It's All About The Bird

In two weeks Chris and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving in Chicago for his family and grandparents. We are just a little bit nervous about it so we decided to give it a test run this weekend. It was.. ....more