The Daily Tay

I drink olives in my beer, enjoy going out to eat more than I should, and believe dreams are worth chasing. I'm a blogger by day and stand-up comedian by night.

Inside A Blogger's Fashion Shoot

I've realized by now that so many of you (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) are probably just...more

Failure Sucks

I didn't score a single point in my last high school basketball game. Not one. It was the worst feeling ever.I kind of forgot about this actually, which makes sense because hello it's been ten years, normal people move on from trivial things this like.. ....more

My Daily Struggle To Fake A Cool Life On Instagram

In the world of social media we live in today, it's important to remember that more times than not we're only seeing the pieces of other peoples lives that they want us to see. It's easier than ever to fake having a perfect life. ...more

Viva Las Omaha

After almost four days in Vegas, Chris walked in the door last night and looked a little... rough. I think Harlow could sense his desperation because he gave him a greeting like never before, he whined and whimpered and brought every toy to Chris's feet in a matter of seconds ....more

Our Nashville Life

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today I'm introducing you to Jackie from Our Nashville Life.Let's start simple, how did you choose the name of your blog?...more

The Summer Shag

I had about ten really great post ideas for today in an effort to make up for my absence yesterday. (Trust me guys, they were going to be life changing posts for sure.) But then I woke up with what feels like a lump in the back of my throat the size of a softball. I've been putting off this cold for almost a week now, although today I'd almost go so far to say it feels like strep throat.. ....more

Exercise Tips For Those Who Don't Like To Exercise

I've had a lot of email inquiries lately regarding my work-out regimen so I decided it's time I write a post about it. And by "a lot" I mean one. One from my grandma where she casually asked "what kind of aerobics I do." ...more

*This is an

*This is an in-post advertisement I did not write. How To Make Your Outdoor Area The Envy Of Your Neighbors. Do you ever stare out the window at your outdoor area and wish it were better equipped for entertaining? ...more

The Great Terrifini

Monday nights are quickly becoming my favorite night of the week. Performing at the Second City on the ETC stage is one of the most thrilling things I've done in awhile. The pitching of new ideas, the class time and rehearsals, and the excitement of putting a show on stage and not knowing the outcome is all just an amazing experience.But one of my favorite things about all of this is hanging out in the green room back stage and thinking about all of the comedic greats who have done it before me ....more

Black Bean Burger With Guacomole

During the summer our house sometimes feels like a hotel because we have friends and family staying with us almost every weekend. I think that's just one of the benefits of living in a fun city like Chicago. Because oddly enough we never had a lot of people asking to come stay with us when we lived in Topeka, Kansas for those long seven months long, long ago.. ....more