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I drink olives in my beer, enjoy going out to eat more than I should, and believe dreams are worth chasing. I'm a blogger by day and stand-up comedian by night.

Harlow Vs Firecrackers

Harlow's week of camping bliss has come to a complete stop. We're working from Nebraska for the next few days so we can celebrate the 4th at Chris's cabin and unfortunately firework season is in full force here.Striped firework tents have popped up in every parking lot turning the tiny town of Norfolk, Nebraska into a war zone. Smoke and sulfur fill the air and loud boomers exploding in the sky can be heard at any time of day.Harlow is not a fan ....more

A Perfect Chicago Day

So you're coming to Chicago and you want some suggestions on things to do. First of all, good call on visiting in the summer. This city isn't quite as pleasant in the winter ....more

That Time We Went Camping

Turns out it takes a lot of time and money to buy all of the camping essentials, pack up your car, set up a camp site, all in an attempt to make it feel a little bit like home. It might just be cheaper to ... stay at home.But where is the fun in that? ...more

7 Ways To Feel Like You're On Vacation Even When You're Not

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rums of Puerto Rico for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I've been craving a really good summer vacation ....more

Gone Camping

You might not know it, but I was the best "Sunny" fish catcher of the early 90s. Just look at the smug smile on my face. "Another day, another Sunny." Me in my pink life jacket with what appears to be a child sized Moo Moo underneath ....more

Sharing Our Engagement Photos

I've been keeping this kind of quiet, but a few weeks ago Chris and I had some engagement photos taken. And now I am SO excited to share a few with you. Just a heads up, we had a lot of outfit/scene changes ....more

You Probably Don't Know...

You probably know I'm about a week late to this linkup hosted by Helene....Sorry. I was trapped in Nebraska. You probably don't know...I love white on white ....more

Feeling Like A Kid In Summer

This past week I jumped back in time and experienced summer as a kid through the eyes of my niece and nephew, Knox and Lola. Knox is four and Lola is two. If you've been a reader for awhile you'll know that the relationship between Knox and I hasn't always been the best ....more

Dear Moms Who Get Mad When I Call My Dog My Baby

Dear Moms Who Get Offended When I Call My Dog My Child, (or more specifically dear this mom.)First of all, I guess I'm sorry it offends you when I call my dog my child. I had no idea you even cared. I certainly don't mind when you call your human children dogs ....more

20 Summer Blogging Ideas

1. Best childhood summer memory.2. Summer bucket list!3. If you could live one summer over again (because it was that great) which one would it be and why?4 ....more