Month 1 As Digital Nomads: How It’s Going

“I’m a writer”. The words still sound false every time I introduce myself to someone, but even if I don’t feel like one yet, I guess that’s what I am now. It was so much easier when I could answer “teacher” – simple, straightforward; almost every foreigner in Asia is an English teacher ....more

Sunday Snapshot: Sapa, Vietnam

Today’s Sunday Sanpshot comes from Anna, creator and blogger at It Started in Asia, a travel blog designed for ‘budget-luxe’ readers seeking a mix of adventure, culture, food, roughing it, luxury and a little dose of wellness. Anna and her partner Matt live in Melbourne and work full-time but love exploring new lands. It Started in Asia is also an avenue to showcase Anna’s passion for photography ....more

Our New Apartment in Chiang Mai

I sipped my tiny, overpriced water bottle, absently wondering if I could make it last for the entire flight to Chiang Mai, since I had no intention of paying for another one. It occurred to me that this move to Chiang Mai felt completely different from our previous relocations. Up until now, Brent and I had always had someone to guide us around our new overseas homes: In Europe, it was our host families, and more recently in Asia, it had been our employers and co-workers ....more

Sunday Snapshot: Hua Shan Mountain

Today’s Sunday Snapshot comes from...more

A Year in Kit Kats

Japan is not an easy country to say goodbye to. I love the faded paper on our home’s shoji screens; I love the smiling cashier at Lawson who always talks to Brent and I about the beer we’re buying; I love speaking Japanese, in general – it’s such a lovely-sounding language and I’m just on the cusp of being able to have real conversations in it; I love going for morning runs along the river, breathing the clean mountain air; and riding my oversized-basket bike to pick up groceries, or to my favourite café to write and sip a gingerbread latte. Among the thousands of little Japan goodbyes we had to say this month, it was also time to let go of our Kit Kat collection ....more

Sunday Snapshot: Dotonbori

Japan’s third largest city, I often feel Osaka doesn’t get enough credit, with many travelers skipping this hip city in favour of more famous Tokyo. Osaka is busy, youthful, and effortlessly cool. It’s also less than an hour from Kyoto (a city virtually all tourists visit) by train, so there’s no reason not to stop by ....more

Japanese Ryokan: Overpriced or Authentic?

Many travelers consider spending the night in a ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn, a must-do experience in Japan. While Japan’s reputation as a high-priced country is typically undeserved, a ryokan stay is one expense that has the potential to do some serious damage to your budget. With average prices ranging from ¥7,000-100,000 per person ($70-1000), are ryokan worth the cost? ...more

Sunday Snapshot: Japanese Macques

Jigokudani Monkey Park...more

A Local’s Guide to Hida-Takayama, Japan

Most people (myself included a year ago) imagine Tokyo and Japan as the same place. When you think of Japan, you think of Tokyo: Flashy skyscrapers, quirky fashion, bubbly J-Pop, and kitschy karaoke bars. But beyond this animated city are Japan’s small towns – towns where people invite you into their home for tea before even knowing your name; where evening music is played city-wide to welcome people home at the end of the day; where life is slow, traditional, and intangibly charming ....more

Sunday Snapshot: North Tehran, Iran

Today’s Sunday Snapshot comes from Tim, who took a career break along with his girlfriend in December 2012 to spend one year traveling the world. They...more