Home Liposuction Kits and Other Quests for Perfection

Last weekend, I spent my Sunday lounging in front of the T.V., unable to switch the channel from Dr. 90210, a reality show about reputable and infamous plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills. I was amazed to see so many women with beautiful faces and bodies and their "heartbreaking" stories of what brought them to their decision opt for plastic surgery.

Reality shows such as Dr. 90210 and Extreme Makeover have inspired millions to improve their looks through plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures such as botox injections and chemical peels. These shows document treatments from the beginning consultation to the end results, so viewers have an idea of what to expect.

The shows not only cover aspiring models and actresses trying to achieve the perfect face and body, but those who have suffered through a lifetime stares and teasing from scarring and birth defects. The bottom line is that people will spend thousands of dollars to look and feel better about themselves.

Medical spas that provide non surgical procedures such as chemical peels, botox injections, dermabrasion and laser treatments for hair removal and dialated capillaries continue to grow.

As long as we continue to see hairless, pencil thin, airbrushed models on the cover of magazines and on television, people will always have some sort of insecurity about themselves.

I've pondered the idea of having liposuction on my thighs so I can one day wear corduroy without everyone noticing. Maybe I could appear on Extreme Makeover with tears in my eyes from the noise of my pantyhose chaffing me!

I had to laugh at this video clip clip that Beautynomics posted on her blog. With home microdermabrasion kits, why not plasic surgery kits! I mostly enjoyed the home liposuction kit!!

No one has to agree if a person really needs plastic surgery. If it may help someone's self esteem or a chance to achieve their dream job, it's their right to do so. But before making the decision, do your homework to find a reputable doctor and check with the state board to find out if there are any complaints or judgements filed against the surgeon and get some background information.