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Hello, I'm Nicole Pharr, an engineer by degree but a creative at heart!  I am the author of Pharr Away, a lifestyle blog about marriage, parenting, health and so much more.  My mission is to inspire, encourage and inform in a way that impacts the world, no matter how small, through the sharing of my own experiences and findings.  At Pharr Away I am committed to sharing thoughts and ideas to help you love, grow, change and live fully! 

Pretty, Young & Thirty

I'm officially an online business owner! ...more

Hot Heat Hundred | Giveaway

Looking for some extra cash to help you enjoy your summer? We've got you covered! I have teamed up with some super bloggers to bring you another $100 giveaway ....more

How to Raise An Adult

I received a copy of How to Raise an Adult to provide an honest review. ...more

Early [Self-Love] Education | #LoveYourCurls

Just like early childhood education is important for a child's growth and development. I believe that early self-love education is important for a child's self esteem and confidence. One of the things I talk about with Maddie often is her hair ....more

Have a Sweet Summer Cash Giveaway

I've teamed up with a great group of bloggers to help you have a SWEET SUMMER! ...more

Facebook Fan Page Outreach is Dead - 3 Reasons Why You Should Keep it Anyway

1 At this point, I'm sure most are aware of the fact that Facebook has changed their algorithm yet again. They have done so in such a way that organic reach is basically nonexistent. ...more

Simple Prayers – How to Pray without Ceasing

1 I've always been a prayer. Of course, there are times when my prayer life is better than others. ...more

An Ode to my Husband on his 30th Birthday

Going forward, I'll officially start to refer to you as my "old man" in conversation! As thirty approached, I listened during pillow talk as you second guessed yourself and what you've done with the life you've been given, and was simply thankful for reaching this age. I won't paint the picture of you as a perfect man, because I know your failings and faults better than anyone :), but I want you to know that in my eyes you're one incredible man who has accomplished much! ...more

Planning Short Family Trips – Five Things to Consider

My family and I recently traveled to Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC. We had a marvelous time and I look forward to visiting again. We planned the trip as a one day, overnight visit; driving up early in the morning and staying in town just that night ....more

Be Encouraged, Motherless Mothers

I lost my mother while pregnant. ...more