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The Only Thing You Need to Survive the “Terrible Twos” – With Your Sanity Intact

Ever since our newest little one was born, I can barely manage to brush my teeth every day, let alone string together a coherent thought in the form of a grammatically correct sentence. I was whining to my friend Lauren about how there’s just no TIME, and a couple days later she surprised me with this post. Not only did she let my sleep-deprived brain off the hook, but she also opened my eyes in the most fantastic way about toddlerhood ....more

10 Universal Parenting Truths You Learn From Kids’ Movies

Before I had kids, I rarely watched the same movie a second time. Let alone for a one-hundredth time. But my kids seem to have an insatiable desire for re-watching the same movies ....more

Here’s a Quick Way to Connect With Your Kids While You’re Away

I have joint custody of my 7-year-old Abby. This means she lives with us every other week – and the other weeks, she lives with her dad and stepmom. The weeks when she’s not with us are never easy for anyone in our family, but Abby struggles most of all ....more

15 Simple Things Dads Don’t Realize Are the Most Important Things

When I was growing up, my dad was never around. I don’t mean that he worked long hours or traveled for work. What I mean is that he was physically absent for pretty much my whole childhood ....more

Here’s What Your Baby Thinks of Your Birth Plan

It was Friday, and I was 39 weeks pregnant. My baby’s birth was scheduled for Tuesday. After having dinner at a local burger joint, we planned to run a few errands to get a head start on the last few items on our baby prep checklist ....more

The Surprising Reason Dads Don’t Take Paternity Leave

The topic of paternity leave has made the news more than usual lately. A few highlights: Dads who take two or more weeks off after their child is born end up more involved in that child’s care nine months later – including feeding, bathing, changing diapers, and so on – compared to dads who don’t take any paternity leave. Even later in the child’s life, those paternity leave dads stay more committed and involved in parenting ....more

Say Goodbye to Driving Pet Peeves With This DIY Car Gadget

I made an accidental discovery while running errands with my toddler last week. First, we stopped at the grocery store for bread and coffee, plus an impulse buy of sparkling pomegranate juice. (I definitely didn’t need the sugar or calories, but I’m 9 months pregnant and it’s 90+ degrees in Texas, so there.) I dumped the grocery bag in the front seat, then wrestled Bailey into her car seat ....more

10 Best Dad Movies for Family Movie Night

At our house, we adore family movie night. The kids cozy up on the couch between my husband and me, we gorge ourselves on pizza and/or fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, and we all get wrapped up in the story – from Big Hero 6 to Wreck-It Ralph. But one thing about our family movie nights nags at my conscience ....more

10 Best Father’s Day Gifts, According to Science

My husband has more fashion sense than me, but he also climbs 20-foot trees to trim dead branches. He bakes a mean cheesecake, but he can also build a king-sized platform bed in one afternoon. He regularly does laundry one-handed with a toddler on his hip, but he also loves watching hockey ....more

When You Can’t Stand the Pain of Missing Your Child

I have shared custody of my first-grader Abby. In our particular joint custody schedule, she’s with us every other week – and with her dad and stepmom on the other weeks. Those other weeks are hard on everyone in our family, but Abby has it worst of all ....more