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Target + Aldo

Starting the week of Sept. 6, one of my favorite go-to stores, Target, will launch its new collaboration with one of my favorite shoe stores, ALDO! Introducing the inaugural fall A+ Collection, which you can buy at Target stores and at Target.com ....more

Maldives Maxi

Sharing a little maxi love by Lulu's on the Muse today. I actually had my eye on this dress for a while before I bought it. I was like, man, that maxi is solid ....more

Traveling Muse: The Maldives

Last week I shared with you a recap of my trip to India. I went to India because #thehubs had to go for work, so I tagged along. We flew from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi and then to India ....more

Oyster Books

You guys know that I like to feature movie and book reviews here because even though I'm into fashion, I do have other fun interests. And since I spent the last couple of weeks traveling, it was definitely great to have some reading material on deck. Thank goodness for Oyster Books! ...more

The Lady Capulet

Today marks the last day of my long vacation. I'm probably on a plane somewhere over the North Atlantic Ocean right now. Most of my traveling was spent in India, as you know by this post -- but the last few days were spent in the Maldives ....more

Traveling Muse: India

A recap of my trip to India. See more photos and some videos on my Instagram and Snapchat! // Hotel Scoping: Bangalore // // Hump Day // // Taj Mahal: Agra // // Amber Fort: Jaipur // // Elephant Rides // // Astrological Signs // // Indian Chaat // // Peacocking // // Snake Charming // // Poolside // ...more

Very Booked

Some of you probably know that I'm currently traveling (in India at the moment -- stay up to date with me via Snapchat at ohtobeamuse), so I'm so sorry if I haven't been stopping by your blogs lately. I'll try to catch up soon, though. But I did find some time to put together this easy look that I think you all will love ....more

Snapchat: Stories & Secrets

Usually, I like to talk about tech accessories to spruce up the look of your phone and laptop -- and Shopbop most definitely has some amazing options in this area. But today, I'd like to focus on a particular app that's been on my mind.Even though I'm into social media, I feel like I'm always behind when it comes to the latest apps. I remember that Instagram was out for months before I even created an account (partially due to the fact that I have an android and it was only open to iPhone users) ....more

Melanin & Color

Sharing a little beauty inspiration on the Muse today. I just loved what New York photographer Chandler Easley of the Cherry Collaborative came up with here. How beautiful do these women of color look on these bright back drops? ...more

What I'm Loving In August 2015

Last August I was really into Flash Tattoos, which is quite funny because I've seen them all over social media lately. Come check out what I'm loving this time around! Now that I'm off on vacation (is it really a vacation when you work from home?), I'm visiting two hot destinations ....more