It's Not Easy Eating Green

I'm a former professional chef, test kitchen cook and caterer who quit the professional world to raise an earth-friendly family. I blog at It's Not Easy Eating Green.

It’s Not Easy Eating Green strives to provide recipes that embrace seasonal cooking and the idea that limited use of animal proteins is not only a healthier balanced way to eat, but also friendlier to the environment. I try to encourage my children to appreciate and enjoy scratch cooking, whole-grains and the abundance of locally made foods. We enjoy “Field Trips” to local food producers to see where our food comes from and further educate ourselves on a sustainable food chain. The recipes here do not fall into one stereotype either. While many of our recipes are vegetarian, others contain meat. While many of the recipes are whole-grain, others are not. We have sugary desserts, healthy salads, hearty soups and many meatless meals. There is a little something for everyone here at the little blog that lives in the middle of the stereotypes. It’s not easy eating green, but we try!

Corn and Beet Salad

I’m doing the summer thing. I was given a brief glimpse into the world of people with free-time when all three kids went off to day-camp for a few weeks. What did I do with my 20 hours a week of free time? ...more

Arugula Pesto with Hazelnuts

This is my last post about Piemonte, Italy. As lovely a place as it is, and as much as I will miss sharing my experiences, it’s time to move on to summer in New England. However, before I do move on, I wanted to share one last recipe with you ....more

Red, White and Blue Amaretti Cheesecakes

These beauties hide a little secret or two. Number one, they are gobsmackingly good. They are so good you may tear up a little when you take your last bite ....more

Piemonte, Italy Part 3: Castles, Truffles and Cheese

A visit to Piemonte is not all wine. Piemonte is famous for chocolate, cheese, truffles and castles in addition to the obvious wine. It’s rolling hills are dotted with countless castles and palaces ....more

Dark Chocolate Gelato with Cashew Brittle

I’m going to take a break from Piemonte and Italy for a post to share my Father’s Day recipe with you. Yes, it has an Italian name, gelato, but I call it that not because it is at all an Italian recipe, but because by definition it is too lean to be ice cream and too fatty to be ice milk. What’s in between? ...more

Part 2: Traveling with Kids in Piemonte

When I began researching my recent trip to the northwest corner of Italy, I was amazed at the lack of information available for those of us traveling with children. There were wonderful sites and recommendations for those traveling to Rome or Florence with kids, but apparently Americans just don’t take the kids to Piemonte. This might be because of the reputation of Piemonte as a wine destination, but I prickle at the idea that parents are not allowed to travel to destinations that appeal to them ....more

Piemonte, Italy Part 1: Risotto

My recent trip to the Piemonte region of Italy (strangely called Piedmont in the US), was a year in the making and as anticipated as any trip I’ve ever taken. Piemonte...more

BBQ Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes

Procrastination: it’s a thing for me. Okay, maybe more like a way of life. Tonight, when faced with the one-month overdue task of writing this post, I announced I would take a shower before beginning to write ....more

Grilled Cilantro Chicken

For over a year now I’ve been working on the perfect cilantro marinade for grilled chicken. It needed to be rich in flavor with balanced spices, salt and acid, but most of all it needed to add moisture and soak through the chicken with the brightness of cilantro. I tried a version with coconut milk and lots of lime, I tried a version with cilantro and loads of garlic ....more

Quinoa with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Cinnamon

Quinoa, it’s everywhere. You can barely have a discussion about food and cooking without the topic ending up with quinoa. It’s such a huge food fad right now that it has transcended the kitchen and is appearing in non-food items as well ....more