Edoc Laundry: "Hung out to dry," on CSI!

I am a huge CSI fan - Vegas, New York, Miami or wherever the crime scene investigation takes me - and last night's episode of CSI-Ny did not disappoint. A couple of gruesome murders, some pretty graphic autopsy scenes, a montage of sophisticated investigative procedures, set to some kick-ass music and...hey, wait a minute...isn't that Edward Furlong and where did he get those cool-looking t-shirts!?!

Get this.

No, really - you're possibly looking at the biggest fashion statement in cryptology since...well...Tom Hank's bad hair day in The Davinci Code - not only are the graphics on these hot looking t-shirts beautifully designed, Edoc Laundry clothes tell a secret:

Woven into everything we make are hidden messages and codes most people can’t see. Edoc clothes break across the traditional categories of street, skate/surf, and classic by creating a new category that spans our entire line: Covert. Every piece of gear is a trapdoor into a hidden world. Check it out. We’ve got nothing to hide.

Not anymore.

The blogosphere is exploding with excitement over Edoc Laundry and (if you're like me) CSI fans are curious to know - whassup with all the secrecy?

This is a Limited Edition of the shirt Edoc Laundry designed specifically for the CSI:NY episode “Hung Out To Dry”.

How does the shirt work?

1. Find the hidden phrase.

2. Lift up the inside front of an edoc garment and read "nothing to hide" code. This is your key to unlock the second code.

3. When you've figured out how the key code on the inside works - apply it to the second code hidden elsewhere in the garment.

4. Type your solution to the second code, in the secret location found on the website. Each garment unlocks a piece of the story - reassemble the pieces in the correct order and you'll learn the dangerous story behind edoc laundry, and why you must keep our secret.

Being an avid gamer and a bit of a puzzle "freak" - at least, that's what my husband calls me each time I'm able to solve a cryptogram, when he can't! - I believed that I had just been introduced to one of the coolest marketing ideas, evuh!

An interactive gaming t-shirt!

Never having heard of Edoc - until the CSI episode - I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these cool t-shirts really did exist, as was Seattle Times writer Pamela Sitt. In her report, she states how (with a little help from television) this small Seattle-based company managed to increase their cult-following on line:

I must disclose here that I was introduced to these shirts last spring and even wrote about them over the summer, but at the time did not recognize their true star potential. I merely thought they were "cute."

Note to self: Do not make same mistake with future offspring.

Being introduced to these shirts only last night, it's hard for me to say whether or not this fashion trend will live up to its secret.

But, I've always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal.

So, before I decide whether or not to purchase one more secret (read: Victoria's been hiding in my children's dress up trunk for years, now) one things for sure - Edoc Laundry just took graphic design to a whole new level of cool - I'll never look at a t-shirt the same again!


Contributing Editor Elizabeth Thompson also writes for the eZine, "The Imperfect Parent."


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