Architecture of a Mom

I’m an architect, wife & mom of 3 girls 5 & under—including twin toddlers! I love sharing recipes, crafts, & homemaking—all which is the architecture of a mom.

Easy Mod Melt Magnets

I find that it's easier to get organized if my tools are beautiful, don't you? And even better if it uses items on hand. When I was making my easy 5 minute command center, I knew that I couldn't just slap some refrigerator magnets on the new magnet board if I wanted to be inspired to use it! ...more

5 Minute Command Center

How many folks are looking for quick, easy ways to get organized without breaking the bank? I know I am. And since I'm trying desperately to organize my home office, I knew the first step was to create a command center--you know, a place for little slips of paper and a calendar for quick scheduling needs ....more

Menu Planning Monday 2015-01-26

Howdy! Are you ready to start a new week? This past week was absolutely crazy ....more

Please Excuse Me, It's the Exhaustion Speaking

Folks, I am really sorry. I have a project all ready to post for you, but I've had very little sleep and I'm not really coherent. Combine getting woke up several times last night with working overtime at my architecture job, and it isn't pretty ....more

Pompom Magic Wand

Do you have a little girl (or boy!) who loves to pretend and wants a magic wand? My girls started pretending everything was a magic wand after they started watching Super Why recently. And when I say everything, I mean anything that remotely resembled the shape of a wand ....more

Menu Planning Monday 2015-01-19

You all know how important it is for our family to eat together. It's one of the reasons I meal plan. However, this week is shaping up to be one where potentially we won't eat together until Friday ....more

Italian Sausage and Bean Soup

In January, most days all I crave is a hot bowl of soup for a meal that isn't too heavy but still "sticks to your ribs." This Italian Sausage and Bean Soup is just that sort of recipe. This weekend before the football game I made this soup and my sister's family came over and brought a pot of soup. All my girls picked my soup ....more

Menu Planning Monday 2015-01-12

Hi folks! I'm looking toward a very busy week~lots of stuff going on! But that's what menu planning is for, right? ...more

Tweedy Seed Stitch Knit Baby Blanket

Do you know a little baby that needs to keep warm this winter? My friends had a preemie little girl--I think I mentioned her birth before Christmas, and I made this plush seed stitch blanket for her. I actually started working on it about a week before she was born--I thought I had plenty of time--boy was I wrong! ...more

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bonbons

My husband loves chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookies. He makes them regularly. Perhaps too regularly ....more