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Sydney Sider Here

Hello!I'm in Sydney!  Well, I'm an english girl in Oz to be exact!Glad there was a group for us down under!Just wanted to say hello everyone!...more

Aussie in the USA

Immigration comes with a mixed bag of unintended and intended consequences.     The most difficult unintended 'how did that happen?' consequence for us as parents to deal with is that while 2 of our children have decided to live in the US,with us, one is Aussie to the core and is living in Australia with dual citizenship.  We raised him to be a way maker, to be independent, to make his own choices.  We took the children to Australia as often as we could to introduce them to their rellies there and to the other part of their heritage.  As my brother...more

100 Reasons You Love Yourself Challenge

Hi Everyone I am a bit excited about today's post on my blog.  Take a look for yourself 100 Reasons You Love Yourself Challenge. I love the fact that this exercise is so uplifting and positive.  Years ago, I would have dreaded writing up such a list.  But not any longer.  I am actually looking forward to it! I hope you decide to join me in this challenge and I look forward to seeing your feedback on the...more
Count me in :)more

Another Expat!

Wow, there's a few expat Aussies on here! I'm another one - I'm in Hong Kong. Been here for four+ years and have two daughters both born here. My second has a rare form of dwarfism so I started blogging as a means of keeping the family back home updated without having to repeat everything a million times. It's kind of evolved though...Anyway, nice to "meet" you all!!Nicole...more

Aussie expat in Canada

Hi, I'm new to Blogher... new to blogging in general. (apart from a short stint when i was at Uni)I'm living in Toronto, Canada... where I constantly realise I'm one of very few Aussies here. I'm a military wife, a humanitarian and a feminist.Thinking muchly of 'home' this weekend, with the election chaos... it's an eerie perspective living over here provides when there's news from the homeland. Check out my blog: m-moments...more

Aussie in Thailand

I'm from Sydney, but live in Thailand with my American Husband and 2 gorgeous kids... Looking forward to getting to know Aussie bloggers!...more

Another Bloggin' Aussie

 Life is too short for bad coffee...more

Blogging is indeed international and is under american survelliance now they have the technology

I just found this forum and think it interesting that so few international people are in fact on here .. and yes you will see I have been involved  a long time and have been writing my column for nearly 10 years in a completely differet place ... As an aside they invited me to speak at Blogher 07...I was self funnded and spoke about connecting business community and the arts online    Anyway checkout my site and talk to me in  the other world via my email ... This  is article is worth reading...more


Hi there I have just joined the BlogHer site and started trolling through the groups.  Saw your "plea" and wanted to let you know that I am here - in Burrum Heads Qld. (just north of Hervey Bay)....more


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