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I'm sorry, I just can't tell this story as well as the AntiCraft goddesses can.  As the story goes:

When this vision came, we knew we must create a haven for all the sinister crafters of the world. No more would we be cowed into silence by cheerful scrapbook stickers. Never again would we be forced to gleefully execute a sweater of intarsia puppies. The green fairy had blessed us with an exotic vision we were powerless to deny....

But not really. Really, we thrilled that crafting was de-grannified; we just got tired of it having to be so dang perky all the time.We suppose that's what happens when you take something old into the marketing department for cosmetic surgery. Some things get sucked out, some things get porcelain veneers, and some things get, um, perkier.

The point then is not that you should craft just like us. You should
craft in the medium that understands you. This is just a place to let
your eyes rest, find some inspiration, or scream yourself hoarse. We're
all outcasts and refugees from the mainstream here. We're strange
girls, tactless and profane in the face of the sacred, obsessed with
mortality and the things you find under flesh and over bone. Our
personalities are in this (can you tell that one of us likes puns?),
which makes it personal. We want you to help us carry this along, which
makes it political - a stand against the current trends in society to
sanitize grief, drug sadness, hide obscenities, stigmatize sex, and
take everything much too seriously

Intrigued? The AntiCraft Goddesses welcome submissions with this with caveat:

Craft in any media (weaving, metallurgy, crochet, soul-painting, cooking, or other any medium you can bend to your will) is acceptable so long as results are reproducible by your tutorial and it doesn't suck.

Debra Roby blogs her art at A Stitch in Time and her life at Deb's Daily Distractions .

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