Review: Tabure – Turkish Kitchen and Bar in St Albans

This week saw the opening of a new restaurant in the heart of St Albans called Tabure Kitchen and Bar – introducing us to the delights of Turkish or Anatolian food, with a fresh and contemporary spin. I was invited to a pre-launch evening, and popped back in a few days later during their debut lunch service for a taste of Turkish cuisine. On both occasions, the food was perfectly matched with a warm welcome and a stunning interior – equally enchanting by day and by night ....more

Recipe: Easter Chocolate Cake

There’s no other time of year when you can indulge in quite as much chocolate as Easter! If you’ve managed to give it up for lent, well done, you’ve got a great deal more will power than me. This is an Easter Chocolate Cake that I love making for my family and it makes the perfect Easter Sunday centrepiece ....more

How to be a #GoodEgg this Easter with Waitrose

This post is in support of the Waitrose #GoodEgg campaign...more

Two-Minute Power Blender Hollandaise (with asparagus)

It’s almost British asparagus season and so I’ve been looking forward to all the ways that I’m going to be enjoying our native grown asparagus as we roll into spring. I’ve also been experimenting with my new blender to make sauces as well as healthy green smoothies. With a tiny bit of practice and plenty of tasting along the way, I’ve perfected a two-minute power blender hollandaise sauce, made with fresh egg yolks, butter and lemon juice ....more

Homemade Banoffee Eclairs

Spring is here! This is a recipe from John Lewis COOK edition… Whenever I watch the Great British Bake Off, I set out with the intention of trying to keep up with the challenges as the episodes air, in order to try and improve my baking skills. Unfortunately, this never happens ....more

Recipe: Mama’s Bigos – Hunter’s Stew

I’d like to promise that the recipes I include under my new ‘My Polish Kitchen’ banner blog won’t be all about cabbage! Polish food is so much more than that, yet it would be wrong not to pay homage to Poland’s national dish – Bigos, or Hunter’s Stew. There are probably as many individual recipes for Bigos as there are cooks in Poland ....more

New York, A Spring Green Smoothie & A Goal Setting Workshop

Hello Spring Green Smoothie… Spring has finally sprung here in the UK and I am so glad, not least because for the past five weeks, we’ve all been feeling really under the weather. Hence the lengthy blog silence, which I’m really sorry about. February started ...more

Clearspring Gluten Free Brown Rice Noodles with Spinach and Tomato + Pasta Please Round Up

It’s always nice to find ways of making our favourite recipes a little healthier and this is especially true of pasta. This month, I’ve experimented with courgette or zucchini noodles, sometimes called ‘zoodles’ and also with a new type of 100% organic Clearspring gluten free brown rice noodles...more

Beetroot and Kale Soup | Kale and Almond Crumble | Jumpstart2015

Beetroot and Kale Soup with a Kale and Almond Crumble – virtuous!...more

26 Seasonal Recipes – Simple and in Season December Round Up

Where did January go?! Simple and in Season December was a feast for all the senses – beautiful colours, aromas (I’m sure) and even some interesting textures! This selection is perfect for bookmarking for next year and perhaps you’ll spot a few ideas for the cold, dark evenings of January in the UK or the brighter climes of other parts of the world ....more