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Great to Meet Everyone!

Hello to all! I am a single mother with 4 kids, ranging in ages from 6 to 15, and I work more than full-time right now trying to start up a company with my sister, as an internet marketing consultant, and as a website designer (though somehow I'm not earning any money yet, LOL).  I'm hoping to make some great connections here, learn some new stuff, and have fun.  Thanks!Sandrawww.DailyOrg.comOrganization for Life...more
Thanks Shannon!  It's busy but fun!more

Newest member of Blogher..

Hi All,I'm the newest member of the group...I look forward to get to KNOW you's my blog link; http://burcikos.blogspot.comI also have a bloghop.. You can come over and join..,Burciko.. ...more

Cloth napkins for kid's lunches - feedback needed

I have been using, making and selling eco-friendly reusuable snack bags for a year now. I started because I wanted snackbags for Charlie to take to Pre-K that were different from the usual zippy plastic bags. At his Pre-K all the snack bags were put in a big basket for the kids to pass out at snack time. I wanted Charlie's to be easy to recognize even with his name on it. I started pricing the bags and thought "Holy Cow! I can make these for less money" and so I did. Charlie is starting Kindergarten this year....more

I have some listed in my Etsy shop, Topsy Turvy Tots. I have a variety of fabrics not shown so ...more

Only 2 day left!

Hi everyone,There are only 2 days left for me to get votes on the Bedtime Story that I wrote for my grandson, Noah. I'm one of 10 finalists and the person with the most votes on Friday will win $2,500. My family really needs this prize and I hope you will take a moment to visit the link and vote. You can vote 1x per day but even if you only vote once that would be so amazing!! Thank you everyone, God Bless. ...more

BlogOutreach: Which Mom Sites Like to Review Apps?

I'm doing a guerilla marketing outreach for Sleeping WIth the Laundry. I'm asking mom bloggers to review my app. Which mom sites would you recommend who like to review apps.   Best, Margee Moore Blogger at and author of the iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track.  A five star star rated a...more
Did you receive any feedback on your request? I am curious too.. more

GoodNites Bedtime Story


Market Like a Mother: Share Your App Marketing Ideas

Hello!   I'm so excited that my app Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track is out on the apple store. But with over 185,000 apps out there, sales are slow. So what's a mom to do. Do you all have any marketing ideas. I'm going to make postcards for the next big mom conference and hand them out. Car sign is another idea.    Do you all have any additional ideas.   Best, MoxieMom...more

I just shared it on my Facebook page so maybe that will help out a little :) ...more

Air-Brushing Your Kids' School Pics?

Dee was just telling me that the Munchkin's Kindergarten school pics aren't all that great. She had tears on her face (?) and a fake smile. But, you know, it's hit or miss with school pictures. Or is it? She then informed me that for five dollars, she can pay the school picture people to retouch any flaws or blemishes. On kindergarteners. ...more

Our schools always did fall and spring photos. I also always forgot about the Spring ones! ...more

Child health

I am a proud mom of 3 boys! I love that I get to work part time doing something that fulfills me and makes me a better mom! The past few weeks I have worked on a project for a client St. Louis Children's Hospital, that is near to my heart because it's about a boy who is my son's age (8) named Ben. Check out this video when you have a moment. It will put you in awe of a very strong boy who is beating the odds with a beautiful smile lit from within. My 6 year old son watched it and said "Mom, that boy is very brave." Nothing more needed to say than that!...more

Allowances and Chores?

Our son, Charlie, is 5 years old. He is beginning to realize that things he wants (mainly toys) cost money. And that Mommy & Daddy say "no" quite a bit when it comes to buying toys. The current toy Charlie wants is a boxed set of Disney Cars from the movie Cars. It costs $9.99 which Charlie says is 99 dollars. Too cute! He has been asking how he can get the 99 dollars to buy the toys before someone else does.   My husband & I have been talking about the possiblity of an allowance for Charlie for a few months now. I have mixed feelings about it....more

We have 5 kids, 5 girls, from 11 years to 4 months. We do not pay for the standard kid chores. ...more

Empty WHAT????

I've been thinking, as of late, about what my house will be like next year with BOTH Bitchy and Sassy gone.   My heart is doing all kinds of crazy things... While I am proud and happy that they have begun their journey into adulthood, I am selfishly mourning the passing of time.      I still remember finding naked Barbie Dolls in the fridge, and Polly Pockets stuffed in armchairs and the vases that adorn my various shelves and cubby holes.  ...more

Yes, when I went to college, cell phones weren't yet a "requirement" or really all that ...more

What's Your Most Recent Favorite Piece of Technology?

As March ends, I am wondering what my other tech lovers are feeling has been there best, most recent piece of technology that you added to your house/home over the past six months. A new phone? A new TV? A new computer? Camera? An app that makes all the difference? How you utilize your schedule? Something for your kids? Something for your spouse/partner? Something for the kitchen? The garage? The car? ...more

Sit Up Straight!

You know how everyone says newborn babies look like little old men?...more

My girls don't use the computer often, but I definitely will need it for the future I ...more

Keeping to your knitting

You see them everywhere: Parents typing away at their smartphones while the kids are in music class or running around playing tag. What do you think when you see them? Do feel a tad judgmental? Or are you jealous that you left your phone at home? Hey, I'm certainly NOT judging -- I'm one of those parents juggling email with myriad children's activities. But I would be lying if I didn't feel a little bit of guilt when I see another mom typing away, even if I'm doing the very same thing. ...more

Just found you Rosanna on Linda's links
( the astronaut haha ) or LOL As you people say!! She ...more

Is GoodSearch a good choice as a search engine?

I don’t know about y’all, but at my house, the word “google” quickly became a verb.  If I look for something on the Internet, I “google it;”  it doesn’t matter which search engine I use.  Since I've found GoodSearch, I may have to find a new verb.  Google, Yahoo, or Bing have been my search engines of choice for a long time.  Since I discovered GoodSearch I've decided it’s what I’m going to use until eternity....more

I first heard of Good Search through my university. They use it as a fundraiser.

I have a ...more

Cell Phones Breeding Ground For Lying

So there you are in your Saturday night and you receive a phone call from your teenage child who is making the obligatory phone call from The Friend's House as promised, and you hang up all kinds of thrilled because you have raised such responsible children except... where they really there? The fact remains that with all of these technological advances and minute-to-minute connectivity, we are actually less likely to know where and what are children are actually doing. Think about it. ...more

I love the idea of making them take a photo of where they are. I need to file that away...

My ...more

Movies: can you even afford it anymore?

I love the movies. I love the whole experience of going to the theater: the big screen, the digital sound, the popcorn oozing with that fake "butter." I love it all. Before I was a mom I was a regular movie goer, especially when I was a student. The local theater had a student discount program and a frequent movie goer deal that let you earn free movie tickets/snacks....more

I must admit, I'm fairly lucky. My mom watches our kids, which saves us on the babysitting fees. ...more

Distracted Driving - Are you Guilty?

Lately my mother has been asking me where I am phoning from when I call her. She knows that I make a ton of phone calls while I am driving and she is adamant that I cut it out. I have to admit that not only am I guilty of talking on the phone while driving (frequently without a hands free device) I am also guilty of checking email, tweeting and texting while driving.  ...more

I don't talk or tweet or text while driving, but I do admit to checking emails and tweeting ...more

The Night a Piece of My Innocence Died: Chatroulette

Mona wrote about it. Devra wrote about it. I pondered.I really pondered. I hadn't heard of Chatroulette before Mona's posting. Devra's post challenged me to at least check it out before I jumped to conclusions or ruled it out...So... I went to Chatroulette. It was around 11 p.m. Pacific Time....more

It could be fun... if there were some safety assurances. :)

Jenny Ingram writes at more

What I Have Learned

In just a few days, the Momspotting campaign will come to a close....more

First of all, it has come as a surprise to Bossy just how much she is going to miss this ...more


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