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Summertime Passions!

I don't see much discussion here, so I'll jump in and say hi to everyone again and ask you what you think about drinking and writing. Do you do one, both, or do them together? I've changed over the years and my latest blog post shares this:
I like to drink coffee and write :)more

Introducing Myself

Hi everyone. I am just now joining some more groups here on BlogHer and wanted to say hello. I am 42 and have children. They are my step-children, but I adopted them and so they are bought and paid for. They are 11 and 13 and I still have my sanity, but am unsure about the future of my sanity. Today, I blogged about human motherhood vs. raising puppies. Prepare for cute puppy pics!   Cindy Brown ...more

Creativity...One Woman's Trash is Another Woman's Treasure

 Sal and I were thinking of ways to have a creative, ‘cheap’ Christmas this year, so off we went to one of those paint-your-own-ceramics studios.  Have you ever been there??  Amazing!  The only problem is that you don’t really know exactly what the end product will look like because, after they fire the pieces in the kiln, the colors change and are much more vibrant.  This could  change your whole notion of how creative you thought you were...more

One never knows what will spark creativity! I found it online when I started asking "What If" ...more

Side Effects

Are you depressed?  Well, you might as well get over it on your own because the medications that drug companies are peddling on television have some pretty serious side effects.  If you take their remedies, you won’t be depressed anymore, but you might end up in a COMA or result in DEATH!...more
I love the cannabis and vodka idea although I do take quite a few medications, high cholestrol, ...more


Ever been caught with your pants down licking your privates like a cat?  The only reason humans can’t lick their own privates is due to our rigid spines.  Were they any more pliable, men would then be able to reach further south of their own borders...and more need for US!  Women would become obsolete.  That would be embarrassing...more

Vegans - Strangers From a Strange Land

Have you ever tasted tofu?  For those carnivores who were either forced to or accidentally ingested tofu, the gag reflex kicked in immediately, don’t lie.  Well, it did for me anyway.  Homo sapiens were meant to eat meat, to hunt for meat-like food, to invent charcoal, Worcestershire sauce and steak knives.  It’s in the history books...look it up...more


Broken Group Details Zone

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