A Fresh Start

Hello, all you sweet Moxie Wives! I wanted to quickly pop in here to let you know that I am moving my blog to HallieLord.com....more

By the Downward Way

I haven’t been blogging much lately (fall is always such a crazy busy time for our family) but I had to pop in quickly to share our latest bit of exciting news… Dan’s book, By the Downward Way, has been...more

On hurting abominably, undercurrents of joy, and thriving (Audio)

On Monday morning I had the pleasure of sharing some of my thoughts on thriving with the women of St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. I had the best time ....more

Meet Me in the Holy City?

Some of you know the story of how I fell head over heels in love the first time I drove into Charleston, SC. I love this city so much it’s hard to put into words. When Jen and I first started scouting for a location for the next Edel Gathering I secretly hoped we might be able to hold it here ....more

A little of this and a little of that {plus a giveaway!}

I’m writing this as I scurry around helping my girls get ready for THE MOST EXCITING EVENT of all their little lives. Yes, this Saturday they are going to be flower girls in their beloved Hannah’s wedding. Milkmaid braids are going to be involved ....more

The Best Fitness Tools in all the Land

Yesterday, after reading Jenny’s latest post about her wellness journey, I texted her to tell her about one of my favorite new weight loss tools (I’m on a new kick now that Edel is over)…and then I texted her again to share another tool I love…and then a few minutes later sent another text sailing through the air to her about….well, you get the idea. Anyway, in the middle of my furious texting I decided that I’d just write a post about the whole thing in case any of you are as obsessed with such things as I am. Here goes… ...more

Edel 2014. The Talks!

For those of you who asked me whether we were going to make the Edel ’14 talks available online,...more

It is good that you are here…

Before I left Austin I turned to Jen and said, “I am dreading writing my Edel recap post so much.” I just felt overwhelmed by the thought of it. How could I possibly convey what Edel meant to me in one post (or even five)? I’ve now accepted that that will never happen so I’m just going to try to share a few highlights ....more

Sex Advice: Lead Us Not Into Google

My finger hovered over the “publish” button. I drew a shaky breath. For months I’d been thinking about publishing this ebook but kept asking myself, “Do you really want to be ‘that Catholic woman who published a book about great sex‘?” Three years ago, while we were working on Style, Sex, and Substance, contributing writer Elizabeth Duffy sent a questionnaire to hundreds of Catholic women asking them about their sex lives: Were they satisfied? ...more

Call Her Happy, indeed (a giveaway!)

It was May of 1999 and I was visiting Dan in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama for the first time. As we wove through Midtown, I stared out the window, transfixed by all the green — the waxy green leaves of the trees, the muted gray-green of the Spanish moss, the lush green of the grass, and the hungry green of the kudzu. Few things make me feel more at peace than being surrounded by verdant things ....more