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Happy Holidays Christmas Quilt | Block 4 Christmas Gifts

Happy Holidays Christmas Quilt-along It’s that time again! Time for another block in our “Happy Holidays” Christmas quilt-along. We’re up to block 4….”Christmas Gifts.” How are you going with your blocks? ...more

Redwork Embroidery pattern

Finally. As promised. A pretty little redwork stitchery ....more

Peach Blossom Moths.

The Peach Blossom Moths are Coming. ...more

Quilting through time | Redwork

The History of Redwork. Redwork. Do you do it? ...more

We found it! The original Chocolate coconut slice recipe

The original Chocolate Coconut Slice OMG! We found it! I thought I was going insane- the original recipe for Chocolate coconut slice ....more

Happy Holiday Christmas Quilt | Block 3- The Christmas Tree

That time again. The next block in our “Happy Holidays” Quilt-along. How are you going with the first 2 blocks? ...more

Sewing Esssentials | Tips for choosing the right pins

I bet you have never even given one of your humble and frequently used sewing tool...more

Fabric Crush | We love Chickens!

We love Chickens at Red Brolly! You really don’t understand how great they are until you own some. We moved a little while ago and as part of the move I had to re-home my lovely flock of girls ....more

Coral Stitch Tutorial

A new hand embroidery stitch tutorial today. ...more

Out the door breakfast muffins

You know those morning? I had one the other day…. You’re rushing around, running late, hair everywhere, throwing some make-up on, can’t find the second shoe you need and trying to get everyone out the door and into the car…..! ...more