Monica, "thegrommom," lives on the north shore of Oahu with her husband and four sons.  She homeschools, raises tropical fruits, and keeps up with her surfing and skating boys ("groms.")  Monica blogs about all their family adventures, and shares wisdom, inspiration, healthy recipes, and tall tales at her site:

Summer of Favorites Giveaway #3: A Beautiful Summer Tote (your choice!)

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Are you your own bully? A (beautifully) spoken word

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Summer of Favorites Giveaway #2: Neso Tent Giveaway!

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Better Communication with your teen: An infographic :)

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Summer of Favorites Giveaway #1: Surface Sun Care Giveaway

To kick off my “Summer of Favorites” giveaway series, I thought we should start with some essentials. If you plan to spend any time outdoors this summer (and you better!) then some good sunscreen is definitely in order! I’m excited to be teaming up with one of Luke’s amazing surf sponsors to share a great giveaway with you! ...more

A simple (and more genuine) way to Honor Dad on Father’s Day

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Summer coffee date: Updates, and Summer Blog Plans You don’t want to miss!

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Simple Outdoor Activities to make summer great (and memorable!)

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Talking to your Teen/Tween about Peer Pressure

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Family Favorite Energy Balls.

Energy balls are one staple snack food I have in my fridge almost all of the time. ...more