More on Prop 85, with the political getting personal

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Although I don't live in California, I've been following the campaigning around Proposition 85 with a sort of sick fascination. All of the people who want us to believe that it's a great idea to require teenagers to obtain parental consent for abortions must not read Dear Abby, right?

Fellow BlogHer Liz Rizzo wrote a great post on this issue just yesterday, and BlogHer Stefania Pomponi Butler is currently featuring not only a couple of great posts on the matter, but a left sidebar of links to others who have something to say about it all, too. Women bloggers are taking a stand and demanding that their voices be heard, in the interest of protecting the women of this country. Mommybloggers, in particular, seem to be viewing this as a matter of protecting our daughters.

I came across a photo and a post today that rocked me to my core. Please take a few minutes to go read Peach's post, Self Portrait Tuesday: The Child I Didn't Bear.

This isn't a post about Prop 85. This isn't a particularly political post. This is a raw, powerful retelling of one woman's story. I admire Peach for sharing it with us.

Abortion is complicated. Choices have consequences. And real people are living their lives as best they can, coping with those choices. But here in America, the beauty is that we are free to do just that.

Thank you for being brave enough to tell us about it, Peach. Thank you to all of the women who are adding their voices to the issue.

Women of the blogosphere, I implore you: Read. Learn. Vote.

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