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Welcome to Sassafrass. Come on in.

Grab a Diet Fanta and the bag of blue tortilla chips on the counter. Let's get cozy.

Yes, this is one of those 3 million mommy blogs floating around out there, making you feel comfortable about your obsessions and minor paranoia that your lack of interest in coloring just one more Elmo and Zoe playing hockey will lead to therapy bills that make college tuition look like a good trip to the dollar store.

This is one more place where I get to write about all the stuff that is important to me or crosses my mind, and where you read, laugh or fire back, and then check in tomorrow. This is the little space where I spill mama-brags about how hilarious and amazingly adorable my child is, and where my husband gets a Most Frequent Commenter award just to get out of making after-news runs to 7-11 for jasmine green tea and Dove bars.

This is my little piece of heaven where I am sessy as hell, smart as a whip and people say, "Dude. You've got to read this chica's post on RockStar. It is effing hilarious, papi!"

I'm glad you've joined me. Let's keep this badgrrrl going, shall we?