VOTE - and help us get out the vote (GOTV)

Tuesday, Nov 7th means it's time for Americans to vote. Some of us vote regularly or even always, as though our lives depend upon it... which in many ways they do. Too many don't vote at all. At a time when history and the US have conspired to make the United States of America "the world's only superpower" (for now anyway), Americans taking or abdicating responsibility for where our country is and for where it's going is even more real. So vote. Vote as if someone's life in Iraq or Darfur might depend on your ballot alone. I humbly suggest you vote to the left of where this country's been going - infamously and with no shame - since Florida in Election 2000 and Ohio in 2004. Americans owe this as much to our neighbours in the rest of the world, and our relationships with the rest of the world, now pretty much reduced to war and death, as we do to ourselves.