The Race that Stops a Nation

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While all y'all Americans were busy voting in your mid-term elections, the first Tuesday in November is known in Australia for an event which is a lot more fun: Melbourne Cup Day.

This is the race which stops a nation (literally), where Aussies bet an obscene amount of money on a race that goes for about two minutes. But its not all about the ponies...

Surfing Free reminisces about past Melbourne Cup's:

I used to get all excited by the Melbourne Cup. It was a chance to dress up, sip champagne, and meet friends for a flutter on the gee-gees. But, those days are gone or at least on hold. I can't drink, I can't fit into a fine frock, and I have to take Miss N to have a skin allergy test at the doctors this afternoon because she has excema that doesn't seem to be getting better.

Aussie in Boulder gives a bit of history regarding the Melbourne Cup, and what it means to Aussies.

Caity Cat has some commentary on the hat fashions on display.

Velle is a Singaporean now living in Australia, experiencing her second Melbourne Cup:

Last year, I didn't bet on any horses and watched as the winning jockey cried nonstop for half an hour on national television.

This year, I got into the spirit of things, pulled a name out of a hat, and ended up rooting for Mandela.

The winner turned out to be Delta Blue. The jockey turned out to be Japanese, and what ensued was possibly Melbourne Cup's shortest interview with a jockey that cannot speak English.

Betty Sue and merry risa provide the anti-Melbourne Cup perspective.

But really - its all about the fashion. Who's wearing what. What the hats look like. And who wore the most appalling outfit. Mama Wombat, Rachel, Christina at Fashionable Conundrum all blogged about the fashion. I put some photos up on my blog that I snagged from one of the news websites, including what I think is the most appalling outfit of the day.

Oh, and for those who are actually interested in the horse race, Delta Blues won by a nose (literally!).

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