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Apparently, men like to get together with their old frat buddies and have fancy, manly vacations without their wives around, and hotels are now offering packages catering to these brave explorers of testosterone.

there just seems like so many better possibilities for labeling this nontrend trend: gaycation, boyage, journhe, holigay, tomcruise......

That's from Gawker, a few weeks back, but the unfortunate term, "Mancation" is new to me as of this morning when a travel newsletter showed up in my in-box. Talk about your easy target.

The "mancation act"? Is that like an emancipation act?

The homoerotic undertones are way to funny. Personal chefs? "Guacamole" as a selling point? "Dudes on the Dunes package"! Someone needs to pitch a story on the similarities between a mancation and a gaycation. I imagine the packages are quite similar, it's just, y'know, where they go that's different.

-Some cats are bigger than others

First, how will they get there since none of them will ask for directions. Second, who's going to tell them where they packed their (fill in your own selection) or even if they packed their (fill in your selection). Third, what female in her right mind isn't going to check out, when the hotel starts smelling like dirty socks, farts and the sound of men laughing at socks and farts?

-Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket

Third time's a charm wonders about the Momcation, instead, that includes such features as:

Lay in bed in 1,000 count sheets until your body feels like getting up (according to your own internal body clock, not your husband's or children's)
Viewing of a first-run romantic comedy (preferably starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant) in a theater with no kids or cellphones

There's an endless amount of snark out there about the Mancation, but for a more serious round-up of links, try Kayakas. Hey, guys need vacations too.

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