The Ultimate Boozy Coconut Hot Chocolate

The Ultimate Boozy Coconut Hot Chocolate...more

Wednesday Slice

1. That time you got “best bitches” bracelets with your bestie because you both basically rock and are 5-year-olds. The regression is real people, and I don’t even CARE. 2 ....more

Black Porter Chili Poutine

Black Porter Chili Poutine is a round two recipe for my black porter chili that blows all other poutine...more

Black Porter Chili

Black Porter Chili is chili taken up a notch with the addition of smooth, luxurious black porter. This is how I will forever warm up on a cold winter night! Yep, I’m getting fancy up in here with my chili and I don’t care who knows it ....more

Classic Daiquiri

A Classic Daiquiri is my little...more

Wednesday Slice

1. I’m sure you would never have pegged me as the type to buy neon PINK shoes, but the deal was seriously too good and once I put them on… Well they just look so pretty! I might have pushed it when I threw on the neon green workout top I have (usually my last resort on laundry days), but the green did match the touch of green in the shoes ....more

Breakfast Tostadas with Guacamole

Breakfast tostadas with guacamole are a healthy way to start the day, guilt-free and with lots of protein. You’ll be full until lunch, without the guilty conscience! You all...more

White Russian Ice Cream

White Russian Ice Cream is your nightly cocktail and dessert, all in one...more

Citrus Tom Collins

Citrus Tom Collins is the brightness I’ve been craving for cocktails since fall began. The simple cocktail is made even more citrusy with the addition of fresh orange juice, just the right blast of sunshine you need for happy hour this week! Who’s ready for a breath of fresh, fruity air in the middle of winter? ...more

Wednesday Slice

1. Ok, so I might still be craving this fried chicken sandwich from a couple weeks ago… Badly. The sad thing is, this is the last real world food photo I have on my phone ....more