Soft Batch Mini M&M Cookies

I looooooooove soft cookies. I know that some of you out there love a crispy cookie, but I absolutely cannot stand it when a cookie is hard and crunchy. I much prefer soft, pillowy cookies that practically melt in your mouth ....more

Creamy Charred Tomato Soup with Garlic Croutons

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I had a whirlwind 24 hour trip to Dallas this week. It was snowing in Denver when I left and it’s still pretty darn cold here after the quick jaunt to Texas, so I am ready...more

Grapefruit Margarita

It’s time to brighten things up in here! Winter can get a bit dreary and I love being reminded that...more

Wednesday Slice

1. It’s week #3 of getting back into the swing of things at the gym and I am FINALLY feeling like I am getting healthy. I always expect it to just click within the first couple of days, but it’s been a couple of weeks of pure and intense soreness ....more

Bourbon Bananas Foster Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is a long-standing tradition in Ben’s family. I remember the first time I ever had monkey bread was the first birthday I celebrated with Ben back when I turned 22 (wow does that feel like decades ago!). I woke up early in the morning to a thick slice of this caramel and pecan covered magical bread ....more

Irish Coffee

A warm Irish coffee at the end of the day can really turn your world around. The sun FINALLY came out and I swear I feel like a completely new person. I could also attribute this newfound positivity to a large cup of Irish coffee… In the winter, whether it is bright and sunny or gloomy, the cold weather has me gravitating towards anything that will bring me comfort ....more

Wednesday Slice

1. I finally have a real desk with space for everything! I just can’t get over it ....more

Bailey’s Hot Fudge Sauce

Hello, my name is Meghan and I am… a chocoholic. Hi Meghan! Some of you may already be aware of my chocolate addiction, particularly if you follow me on Pinterest because I have a whole board dedicated to it, for goodness sake ....more

Wednesday Slice

1. I am still swooning over Monday’s sunset… How gorgeous are those colors?! I only wish the sky would light up like that every single night. 2 ....more

Buffalo Chicken Rolls

The end of football season is looming and it feels like the Super Bowl is right around the corner. I am anxiously awaiting the Broncos playoff game this weekend and the only thing that alleviates my nerves right now is cooking....more