Shades of Cinnamon

I am a stock and food photographer from Durban, a beautiful city on the East Coast of South Africa. 
My passion for photography and my love of food inspired me to start my blog Shades of Cinnamon. It has taken me on a journey of exploration, and learning, to many countries of the world,  in an attempt to improve my ability to portray the beauty of food,  and the people who love to grow and cook it.  
I have been extremely lucky to have traveled the world, and been exposed to so many wonderful influences, but I love South Africa above all.   Only those who have lived or traveled to Africa can fully appreciate the beauty of this amazing country, its melting pot of cultures, landscapes too vast for the eye to see, incredible numbers of wild animals, and its mix of gastronomic delights. I am truly blessed and privileged to live here and would like to share some of its beauty with you, through my photography.

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How to make Blended Nut Milks and Creams

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