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In My Shoes
Maybe we should all have her caveat on our site:

"I reserve the right to publish anything that you write to me on this site... so make it something good."

From a Mountain Hollow

I love it when school teachers write. They have all the i's and t's perfectly crossed and dotted. And then they describe a gray day and you want to curl up with them.

"I sit here looking out into the backyard through the double glass door. The yard slopes downward, so I am really looking into the woods on the other side of the creek. The leaves are gone, except those from a few trees that hold their brown leaves until the spring. The rain has stopped, but the day is windy and overcast. The wind picks up leaves and swirls them around, blowing them back over the places I have already raked."

My Menapausal Musigns

I have nothing but love for her writing. She has created ageless writings; something well all can relate too.

"The time has come to bid farewell to The Bartender. We have arranged to meet in the evening and we both know what is to come. In spite of that our passions run wild. The first kiss is nearly blinding and we are off to the races. A brief break is taken for a bit of sustenance and then back to the bedroom. He asks me why he has never been witness to one of my infamous hot flashes and I explain that I don’t seem to have them when I’m having sex."

Happy Blogging!


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